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The ToIP Steering Committee (SC) meets monthly on the second Wednesday of each month. The SC uses this page for meeting agendas and notes.


June Meeting — Wednesday 10 June 2020 — 10:00-11:00 PT / 17:00-18:00 UTC

Proposed Agenda Items:

  1. Minutes approval
  2. Membership update—Todd and Drummond
    1. New membership approval
    2. Threshold for a second announcement?
  3. First Hire Task Force recommendations
    1. Program Manager
    2. New Volunteer Executive Director
  4. Existing Working Group report
    1. Proposal to add Vice Chairs (allows for greater participation and recognition and helps train WG members to become chairs)
  5. Proposed new WGs
    1. Communications Working Group
    2. Concepts and Terminology Working Group
    3. Decentralized Semantics WG
    4. Next steps
  6. Collaboration Tools Report—Todd
    1. Group Chat: tactical plan
      1. LF will be changing platforms
      2. Option #1: Start using free version of Slack
      3. Option #2: Start using free version of Riot
    2. Mailing lists and foundation-wide Calendar—Todd
    3. Website issue / feature request process
  7. SC repo review and issue triage—Dan Gisolfi