• Agenda Review (2 min)
  • Minutes Approval (3 min)
  • New Member Review (2 min)
  • Introduction of CVS Health, new SC Member (10 min)
  • Status of New Membership Structure and Fee proposal (1 min)

  • Discussion Working Group Reviews (10 min)

  • Creation of Dublin Mini Summit Content Development Teams (15 min)

  • New Wiki Page for Events (3 min)

  • Upcoming All Members Meetings

  • Open Discussion


  • Judith Fleenor (ToIP - Director of Strategic Engagement)
  • Drummond Reed (Avast)
  • Abbie (CVS)
  • Michael Nettles ()
  • Marie Wallace (IBM)
  • Stephen CHan ()
  • Steve McCown (Anonyome Labs)
  • Jessica Townsend (Accenture)
  • Vlad Zubenko (ETS)
  • Wenjing Chu (Future Wei)
  • Mike Vesey (IDRamp)
  • Elisa Trevino (LF)

2 minAgenda ReviewJudith Fleenor
3 minMeeting Minutes Approval

2 min

New Member ReviewJudith Fleenor

10 min

Introduction of CVS Health, new SC MemberJudith Fleenor
1 minStatus of New Membership Structure and Fee proposal Judith Fleenor 
10 minDiscussion Working Group ReviewsJudith Fleenor 
15 minCreation of Dublin Mini Summit Content Development Teams

3 minNew Wiki Page for EventsJudith Fleenor 
As time allowsOpen DiscussionAll

  • Recording


  • Presentation (Google Slides)


Agenda Review 

Judith Fleenor kicked off the meeting and presented to agenda and the anti trust policy. Judith Fleenorreviewed the agenda and then shared updates for up-coming events. Judith Fleenor provided a brief status update on the new membership fees and shared that the legal is working on the new membership terms now. She went on to initiate a discussion regarding the new Advisory Group that we're putting in place with the new membership structure. Judith Fleenor went through the idea of creating structure for the new development of this group and continued that Bryn Robinson-Morgan and Wenjing Chu are two members. Drummond Reed mentioned that he would be interested in participating in the effort as well. 

Membership Fees & Structure

Judith Fleenor provided an update regarding the new members and introduced our new Steering COmmittee member, Abbie from CVS Health. Abbie briefly introduced himself and mentioned that he will be presenting more in the August Steering Committee meeting. He mentioned he focuses on the identity part and that he will have a number of other CVS members engaged and attending various meetings in the near future.

Mini Summit Discussion

Judith Fleenor provided an update on the mini summit and shred that we are planning to commence the session in the afternoon. She went on to share that we have some good ideas to structure an agenda; we need to two teams, one to create an overall agenda and the second is to create the content for the meeting. She went on to share updates on the Hyperledger Global Forum and the LFPH summit that are occurring simultaneously to our mini summit. Marie Wallace has volunteered to participate and Abbie mentioned that he is interested in participating too. Judith Fleenor shared the details regarding capacity in the space and said that we need to focus on getting a page on our website to promote the event by mid-August. Jessica Townsend mentioned that she has folks in her org who will be in attendance, but she's unsure who will be attending that connects with ToIP. Mike Vesey mentioned that he believes there might be an opportunity to feature the student credentials that is happening in North Dakota to illustrate the collaboration between member organizations within the ecosystem. Are went on to share that he like the idea of Bryn Robinson-Morgan idea of creating a verifiable credential for a drink for attendees. This would be a great opportunity to help us demonstrate the work and the process. Marie Wallace shared an idea about ToIP credential at the end of the mini summit. Judith Fleenor mentioned that she understands that we want a 1. Use case demo; 2. Individuals who attend receive a credential for a drink/swag. Mike Vesey mentioned that we create a call for folks who want to attend and give them an opportunity to engage and participate as a wallet and then we give the attendees a chance to choose what they want to use. Judith Fleenor asked Mike Vesey to engage with other SC members to initiate the process and identify what they need to create this event. Drummond Reed proposed that we have a four-part structure: 1) Intro to ToIP (30 mins + 15 min Q&A0, 2) Demo of wallets/credentials (45 mins), break, 3) Intro to the ToIP Technology Architecture Specification (30 mins preso, 15 min Q&A), 4) ToIP Member Panel - final 45 mins, very interactive. Wenjing Chu  and Abbie agree and Vlad Zubenko asked to join the effort a well. Marie Wallace and Abbie will like to work on putting together an agenda for the mini summit as well. 

Working Group Reviews

Wenjing Chu agreed that he can work with Bryn Robinson-Morgan to start creating the structure and cadence for these reviews. 

August Special Topic

Judith Fleenor asked if anyone is interested or has ideas for special topics and Drummond Reed mentioned ToIP All Member introductions on Digital Identity Wallet initiative. He believes it's a hot topic that folks would be interested in learning more about and recommended we consider doing it in the fall. Drummond Reed also mentioned a new LF project–Open Wallet Foundation–as a new open source wallet engine. 

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