Meeting Schedule

  • December 09, 2020

December 09, 2020



1 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy Notice

2 minsIntroduction of new membersD Luchuk
BalanceSee slides below

2 minsWrap-up / Action Items


  • Link to deck
  • pdf version:


  • Exhibit A - Minutes from Steering Committee meeting (Nov 11, 2020) - link
  • Exhibit B - Brief (for discussion - Accelerator Fund - link
  • Exhibit C - Principles of SSI - link
  • Exhibit D - Inputs and Semantics WG - Revised Charter - link
  • Exhibit E - California Policy Committee - Advocacy presentation - link



  • Minutes - draft until ratified - link 


  • Baseline operating budget for 2021 approved.
  • Revised charter for Inputs and Semantics WG approved.
  • Taskforce to be created to develop and bring forward Principles of SSI and a ToIP Deliverable.
  • Taskforce to be created to consider options and prepare recommendations on the question of revenue generation and consultations/market call-outs

Action items

  • David Luchuk to bring options forward to the Steering Committee to adjust the timing of meetings to better accommodate all members
  • David Luchuk to prepare draft “Generic Liaison Agreements” based on Linux Foundation templates, clearly defining areas of mutual interest, for collaborations with OIX and Sovrin

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