This wiki is one of our primary collaboration tools. Use it to learn more about the project; explore, manage, or contribute to Working Groups or Task Forces; and share helpful links or other content. 

All Members

A number of resources, including educational content and links to important information, are available for all members of the ToIP Foundation from this page.

Meeting Calendar  

For Information on our weekly schedule of meetings, please refer to this page.

Working Groups

To join any Working Group (WG), go to, log in with the email address of your ToIP Foundation membership, then subscribe to the mailing list for each WG you wish to join. You will automatically be mailed a calendar invite for the WG meetings. If you did not receive the calendar invite, please send email to operations at trustoverip dot org.

* formal name: Interoperability Working Group for Good Health Pass

Task Forces

Task Forces (TFs) enable self-organization of workstreams within Working Groups (or, for a Foundation-wide activity, within the Steering Committee). ToIP policy is that each TF has its own home page on this wiki as a child page of its parent WG or Committee). This makes it easy to view all the TFs by browsing the wiki navigation bar to the left. Many TFs also have their own Slack channels and in some cases their own mailing lists. Each WG also keeps a list of its TFs on its wiki home page.


The ToIP Foundation has one standing committee that operates under the Steering Committee: