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The Technology Stack Working Group and its Taskforces incubate, design, test and recommend for adoption the components and combinations of technical elements that span all four layers of the ToIP stack and comprise a complete, interoperable instance of the model.


Define (directly or by reference) the technical standards, test suites, and interoperability certification standards for the Trust over IP architecture stack as defined in Hyperledger Aries RFC 0289 (or its successor as identified in the RFC document itself).



US/EU: meetings are held bi-weekly, every second (TBC)


See the Meeting Page for agendas, notes and recordings for all meetings.


  • Laws of Identity (status: PROPOSED) - intended to explain how ToIP maps to Kim Cameron's work.

Key DocumentMissionMembersStatus
Privacy by DesignSubmit a ToIP Design Principles Deliverable.

2021-05-31 ACTION DARRELL - find status (git, Google Doc, etc.) to prepare for CLOSEOUT

Laws of IdentitySubmit a ToIP Design Principles Deliverable.

DRAFT HERE (Google Docs)

2021-05-31 ACTION DARRELL - find status (git, Google Doc, etc.) to prepare for CLOSEOUT

SSI Principles


Submit community work from Sovrin SUGF TF ad SEGF TF

MOVED to SC for approval - will drop from TF SOS next meeting.

2021-05-31 ACTION DARRELL - find status (git, Google Doc, etc.) to prepare for CLOSEOUT

TSWG 4-Layer ModelCreate a short (5-10 page) document that describes what each layer does, how they interact, and key decisions that need to be made.

Darrell O'Donnell (lead)


Top-Down using HL-Aries for Layers 2/3 and HL-Indy and Trustbloc/Orb as Layer 1 implementations. 

GOAL: Get something out. EARLY SKELETON DOC

TSWG GlossaryCollaborate with CTWG on the process and delivery of a TSWG Glossary. 
RJ Reiser  (lead) 

Glossary is an ongoing effort. Any updates?

"Big 4" should be referencing and be consistent (use terms, introduce new terms if absolutely required).

Foundational RFC Whitepaper Task Force


RFC 289 Conversion 

Decentralization Task Force


Submit a ToIP Recommendation as a Design Principle.

Daniel Bachenheimer  (Cross Foundation TF Representative)

being handled in UFWG - lead is Jessica Townsend

Technology Stack Task Force

Deliver an approved specification RFC 289 Conversion (TSS0002)

_______ (lead - JUMP IN!)

Drummond Reed

Darrell O'Donnell

NEED CLARITY Drummond Reed (Create Wiki page) & Darrell O'Donnell

Q1 Deliverable - as part of the "Big 4" documents. 


  • Lead
  • Participants

Start with TSS0001 as beginning.

CHALLENGE - Review TSS0001 to get a grounding in what is required here. 

Content will be extracted from current state of WP0010.

Goal here is to adapt Hyperledger Aries RFC289 into a Tech Spec.

ToIP Stack Design Principles Task Force


Combined Principles doc for the ToIP Stack. Part of "Big 4" deliverables. 

See Wiki discussion draft as well as the Big 4 description. Please also see WIP Google Doc.

2021-05-31 works continues - should be getting attention soon

RAISE at next (14JUN2021) meeting Drummond Reed

Authentic Chained Data Container (_____)

Chairs / Leads

  • Chair: Darrell O'Donnell (Continuum Loop)

How to join

You can join this WG by signing up for the Foundation mailing list at Our mailing list is

Members as well as observers are welcome (with the important caveat below).


For the protection of all Members, participation in working groups, meetings and events is limited to members, including their employees, of the Trust over IP Foundation who have signed the membership documents and thus agreed to the intellectual property rules governing participation. If you or your employer are not a member of ToIP, you may not participate in meetings by verbal contribution or otherwise take any action beyond observing.  To join ToIP and be able to contribute, please fill out the light weight membership application on our website here

Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright, Patent, Source Code)

The WG inherits the IPR terms from the JDF Charter. These include: