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The Technology Stack Working Group (TSWG) specifies requirements, specifications, and test suites for the technical architecture of the ToIP stack. For an overview of the ToIP stack, see the Introduction to ToIP white paper. For an overview of the ToIP stack development process, see the Evolution of the ToIP Stack.


Define (directly or by reference) the technical standards, test suites, and interoperability certification standards for the Trust over IP architecture stack consistent with the Design Principles for the ToIP Stack.


2023 Co-Chairs:

2023 Vice-Chairs:

Task Forces

Much of the work on deliverables of the TSWG is performed my self-organizing Task Forces (TFs). Following are the current active TFs and their current leads. See their home pages for their meeting schedules.

The following TF has been proposed and approved but is not yet active:


The TSWG currently holds a plenary meeting once every four weeks on Wednesdays in two time slots (one for North America/Europe and one for Asia Pacific time zones):

  1. NA/EU: 08:00-09:00 PT / 16:00-17:00 UTC 
  2. APAC: 18:00-19:00 PT / 02:00-03:00 UTC

The TSWG shares this Wednesday pair of meeting slots in a four-week cycle with three other TSWG Task Force meetings. So the full four-week cycle (which started on 04 January 2023) is:

  1. TSWG Plenary
  2. Technology Architecture Task Force
  3. Trust Spanning Protocol Task Force Meeting #1
  4. Trust Spanning Protocol Task Force Meeting #2 

For all authoritative meeting logistics and Zoom links, please see the ToIP Calendar.

See the TSWG Meeting Page for an index of all Meeting Pages with agendas, notes and recordings from all meetings.


The table below lists all TSWG deliverables that have been approved to move beyond Pre-Draft status. Bold = current. Non-bold = future. WG members are welcome to follow the links to contribute, either by joining the responsible Task Force (TF) or contributing directly to a deliverable document.

Name of DeliverableDeliverable TypeLink to DeliverableTask ForceStatus
Principles of SSIRecommendationPDFCompletedToIP Approved Deliverable

Design Principles for the ToIP Stack


ToIP Stack Design Principles TF

Working Group Approved Deliverable (2021-11-15)
ACDC SpecificationSpecificationSee ACDC TF home pageACDC TFDraft Deliverable
ToIP Technology Architecture SpecificationSpecificationToIP webpage (with links to the GitHub version and PDF)ToIP Technology Architecture TFDraft Deliverable
ToIP Trust Registry Protocol SpecificationSpecificationToIP wiki page (with links to current versions)Trust Registry TFDraft Deliverable
ToIP Trust Spanning Protocol SpecificationSpecificationToIP wiki pageTrust Spanning Protocol TFDraft Deliverable

Other potential deliverables discussed by TSWG members:

How to join

You can join this WG by signing up for the Foundation mailing list at Our mailing list is

Members as well as observers are welcome (with the important caveat below).


For the protection of all Members, participation in working groups, meetings and events is limited to members, including their employees, of the Trust over IP Foundation who have signed the membership documents and thus agreed to the intellectual property rules governing participation. If you or your employer are not a member of ToIP, you may not participate in meetings by verbal contribution or otherwise take any action beyond observing.  To join ToIP and be able to contribute, please fill out the light weight membership application on our website here

Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright, Patent, Source Code)

The WG inherits the IPR terms from the JDF Charter. These include: