The Trust Spanning Protocol Task Force (TSPTF) is a task force of the ToIP Technology Stack Working Group. The mission of the TSWG is to draft the ToIP Trust Spanning Protocol V1.0 Specification to meet the requirements for ToIP Layer 2 as specified in the ToIP Technology Architecture V1.0 Specification. Since this protocol is the keystone for interoperability of the ToIP stack, the TSPTF intends to reach out across all other orgs in the space (e.g., Decentralized Identity Foundation, Hyperledger, OpenWallet Foundation, W3C Credentials Community Group) for collaboration on this effort.

For a complete overview of the development process for the ToIP technology stack, see Evolution of the ToIP Stack. See also this ToIP blog post announcing the launch of this new task force.


The deliverable of this Task Force is the ToIP Trust Spanning Protocol Specification that must meet the 18 requirements for the ToIP Layer 2 protocol as specified in the ToIP Technology Architecture V1.0 Specification. The requirements in this specification must interoperate with other ToIP component specifications as explained in the Evolution of the ToIP Stack.


Please add your name to this list if you wish to be a lead of this task force:

  • Drummond Reed, Gen
  • Wenjing Chu, Futurewei
  • Dr. Sam Smith
  • Daniel Hardman, Provenant (Emeritus)

Membership and Joining

Prior to participating in the meetings please ensure that you are a member of the Trust Over IP Foundation. Contributor level membership is available to anyone at no cost. Details can be found at this link.

To join this TF, add your name to this list:

Meeting Schedule and Notes

This TF began meeting in January 2023. It holds two meetings (one for NA/EU time zones and one for APAC time zones) on three out of every four Wednesdays (the fourth Wednesday will be the plenary meeting of the Technology Stack WG). The meeting slots are:

  • NA/EU: 08:00-09:00 PT / 15:00-16:00 UTC
  • APAC: 18:00-19:00 PT / 01:00-02:00 UTC 

Please check the ToIP Calendar for current times and Zoom links for these meetings.

Meeting Notes, including Zoom recordings, are kept for every meeting — see the TSPTF Meeting Pages for an index.

Meetings agendas are also announced on the ToIP Slack channel #tswg-trust-spanning-tf. Please join us there.


Our goal is to publish a first Working Draft of the ToIP Trust Spanning Protocol V1.0 Specification no later than 31 July 2023, a Public Review Draft by 30 September 2023, and a final ToIP Approved Draft by the end of 2023.

Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright, Patent, Source Code)

As a Task Force (TF) of the Technology Stack WG (TSWG), the TSPTF inherits the IPR terms from the TSWG JDF Charter.

Mailing List and Communications

This task force uses the following for communications