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The purpose of the Authentic Chained Data Container (ACDC) Task Force  is to draft a TSS (ToIP Standard Specification) that defines the standard requirements for the semantics of Authentic Provenance Chaining of Authentic Data Containers. This semantics include both source provenance and authorization provenance or delegation.  The hypothesis is that the W3C Verifiable Credential standard may be expanded to serve as an Authentic Data Container (ADC) and that the semantics of a VC may be expanded to support an authentic provenance chains (APC) as a super semantic. This may be further expanded to support both a source provenance sub-semantic and a delegated authorization sub-semantic.


  1. ACDC TSS—a specification of Authentic Chained Data Containers. The original Pre-Draft Deliverable is here (PDF). A set of slides with diagrams from the white paper may be found here  Slides. This will be superseded by a wiki page draft. 


Please add your name to this list if you wish to be a chair:


Please add your name to this list in any desired role:

Meeting Schedule

This TF schedules meetings as needed. Each meeting will be announced on the T mailing list and the TSWG  Slack channel. Currently, we are meeting every other week on Mondays, at 9 am US Mountain time, 1700 Central European Time, at

See latest documentation in the GitHub Repo here:


Key milestones will include, but are not limited to:

Task List

This table tracks active tasks assigned to the TF members.

GLEIF use case and Drummond
Supply Chain use caseSupply chain refers to overall concept behind the flow of any type of goods and services.
Delegation use case (analog to ZCap usage)A car rental company delegates driving privileges for car X to Alice. Alice delegates to the attendant at valet parking.
Data graph with verificationBoarding a plane for international travel Hardman
Pure data provenanceCiting sources Hardman

Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright, Patent, Source Code)

As a Task Force (TF) of the Technology Stack WG (TSWG), the ACDC TF inherits the IPR terms from the TSWG JDF Charter. These include:

Mailing List and Communications

This task force uses the following for communications

  • Mailing List: This TF is preparing to set up its own mailing list. Watch this page for details.
  • Slack: This TF has its own dedicated Slack channel: #tswg-acdc-tf
  • Github: This TF will use GitHub issues for substantive conversations on topics, not Slack. This way the conversation is source controlled.

Specification Generation

This task force uses the following for communications

  • Markdown: Draft portions spec written in Markdown
  • SpecUP: Final version of spec processed with SpecUp

Agenda Minutes


Continue discussion on Schema and SAIDs

LPG model


Alighnment with VC data model

Multiple Endorsers

Continue discussion on Schema and SAIDs


Phil talk about JSON Schema and SAID

Change meeting time ?

Proof signature

Alighnment with VC data model

Multiple Endorsers


discussed and refined example in  of draft spec.  Decided that certain blocks in VC MUST use SAI (self addressing identifiers) so that can reason about the data using the identifier.

This allows compactness and secure universal verifiability. Either the block is explicitly included or instead of the block a SAI

The schema is nested with SAI blocks for the corresponding blocks in the VC

schema of data payload

schema of rules


Write spec outline

Abstract Model

Two concrete implementations. One VC Linked-Data with with security caveats, the Other JSON and immutable JSON-Schema

Example Spec Outlines











Versioning Guidelines





     Verifiable Credentials



Security & Privacy Considerations




     Terms defined by this specification


     Informative References



Problem Statement




Semantic inference and reasoning under uncertainty

Work Item for next week write spec outline


OCA (Overlays Capture Architecture)  Robert Mitwicki    (input and semantic WG at ToIP)  standard


OCA Article:
OCA editor:
OCA spec draft:

JSON-LD Security  EndState Sam

Proposal Identifiers  Sam

MetaDiscussion Daniel



Continue Discussion

Notes about ADC and its structure:


Data Item Model

Authentic Data Item = Attestation 

     Data Controller ID:   DID namespace controller

           Attestation ID: (in order to reason with data)(IETF RATS Alignment) ID of the Attributable Item Attestion.

             Derived DID from DID namespace

              Derived from Data Item Content (such as attestations)

                 Verifiable Registry of Data Item

       Data Attributes:{NonAuthentic Attributes}

        Data Controller Signature on Data Item: (nonredudiable, integral) 

Data Mesh Meetup


MKDocs GitHub

Delegation chain separate from identity chain

hiding part of the chain

privacy in both direction walking back up to the root and privacy walking down from the  root


Followup on getting repo setup in MkDocs

Use Cases Selected:

Supply Chain (Mitwicki)

GLEIF (Smith and Reed)

Delegation (Hardman)

Data Source Provenance (Hardman and Smith)

IoT  (Hardjono)

Next task

Create proposals for chaining semantics with syntax.  (assume Verifiable Credential Based)

Express each use case in each chaining proposal.

Iterate on proposals.

Open Question:

Syntax should at least support Trees and DAGs  (Directed Acyclic Graphs) not merely linear chain

Should syntax also support cyclical graphs.


Finalize choice of MkDocs vs SpecUp: Decided on MKDocs:

   Action Item: Sam work with TOIP to setup GitHub repo with MkDocs

EiDas Links: (See 2021-02-01)  Robert Mitwicki.  Discussion of SSI etc in EiDAS

Relation to Legal Framework for Digital Signatures




       Advanced Electronic Signature  Qualified Electronic Signature  Notaries  with Certificate = Handwrittern Signature

Review Use Cases:

Semantic Containers: Pauls Knowles Semantic Container.  Nested Forms. Consent.

Distinguish between different types of containers as part of specification for ACDC


Action Item Robert Mitwicki add information on EIDAS  regulation  allows for linking.

Discussed CCG Meeting on ZCap vs VC Authorization

Discussed Use Cases  

MkDocs vs Spec Up  (Tables?)

Action Item Sam review and present at next meeting


Use Case Summaries

GLEIF vLEI  (Sam Smith ProSapien)

Supply Chain (Robert Mitwiki Human Colossus )

Global ID for life (IdNum - Robert) 

Digital Immunization Passport (Robert) 

Authorizations for Encrypted Backups (Charles Cunningham Eugeniu Rusu Jolocom)

Guardianship Chain of Credentials (Evernym  Daniel and Drummond)

Delegating Access to Rented Car (Evernym)

Provenancing Inherited Attributes (Daniel Hardman Evernym ProSapien)

Delegation of Certification Authority PKI Certificate Like Chaining  (Ned Smith Intel)

Object Capabilities Like Authorizations (See authorizations for encrypted backups) 

Critical Supply Chain Provenancing (Carsten Stoecker Spherity)

Open Accredited Market Participation Energy Market  (Jolocom

Provenance Virtuous Supply Chains Conscious Consumers Demand Pull  

Data Supply Chain Provenance

Data Supply Chain Consent Provenance Consented Data Privacy  (Samuel Smith ProSapien)

Content Distrubution Networks (copyright, acknowledgement, usage, attribution)  (Thomas Hardjano MIT)

IoT Onboarding Devices (Ned Smith Intel, Thomas Hardjano MIT)

Attestation Chaining

Anonymized Data Chains -

Representing business processes/entity lifecycles with SSI - Representing Lifecycles of Entities using States + SSI.pdf

Attribution Chaining Semantic Super Semantic

     Secure Attribution of statement to controller of a decentralized identifier

     A securely attributed chaining statement links two securely attributed statements together

     A chaining statement is a special case statement whose semantics are to securely linked by attribution.

     This chaining may be applied recursively.

     The chained statements that are not chaining statements may convey sub-semantics such as authorization, delegation, attestation, provenance, etc.

     Attribution Verification Types:  Nonrepudiable Signatures. ZKPs. Anonymized Data.

Certificate Result Certification 

    Certifying the result of a decision  

    Verifiable Algorithm

    CoSWID Tags  IETF

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