The Technology Stack Working Group and its Taskforces incubate, design, test and recommend for adoption the components and combinations of technical elements that span all four layers of the ToIP stack and comprise a complete, interoperable instance of the model.


Define (directly or by reference) the technical standards, test suites, and interoperability certification standards for the Trust over IP architecture stack as defined in Hyperledger Aries RFC 0289 (or its successor as identified in the RFC document itself).



US/EU: meetings are held bi-weekly, every second (TBC)


See the Meeting Page for agendas, notes and recordings for all meetings.


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For the protection of all Members, participation in working groups, meetings and events is limited to members, including their employees, of the Trust over IP Foundation who have signed the membership documents and thus agreed to the intellectual property rules governing participation. If you or your employer are not a member, we ask that you not participate in meetings by verbal contribution or otherwise take any action beyond observing.

Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright, Patent, Source Code)

The WG inherits the IPR terms from the JDF Charter. These include: