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Mission and Scope (as defined in the WG charter)

The scope of the Utility Foundry Working Group is to facilitate a community of practice among governance authorities, implementers, operators, and service providers for Trust over IP Layer One utilities. The WG will provide process guidance for the establishment and monitoring of new ToIP Layer One utility projects, whether hosted at the Linux Foundation or external to it. Other WG activities will include creating template RFPs for service providers, maintaining a list of affiliated Foundry Service Providers, identifying areas of collaboration and alignment between associated and/or disparate Utilities, and where possible serving as a center of competence for the  education and promotion of the role of ToIP Layer One utilities.


  • André Kudra


  • Co-Chair: Dan Gisolfi (IBM)

  • Co-Chair: André Kudra (esatus)

  • Co-Chair: Vinod Panicker (Wipro)

  • Vice-Chair: Cameron Boozarjomehri (MITRE)

  • Vice-Chair: Mathieu Glaude (Northern Block)

  • Vice-Chair: Sandeep Krishnappa (Infoeaze Digital Services)

Membership and Joining

Prior to participating in the meetings please ensure that you are a member of the Trust Over IP Foundation. More detail on this can be found at this link.

To join at the Contributor Member level, there is no charge, and you do not need to join the Linux Foundation.

  • If you wish to join as a Contributor Member only, please see these documents.
  • If your organization is already a member of The Linux Foundation please see these documents

Mailing List (subscribe by going to


This WG current meets bi-weekly on Tuesdays. See the Meeting Page for the meeting schedule, agenda, and meeting notes. To receive an invite to the meeting, please join the Utility Foundry Working Group mailing list by going to (where you can log in with your ToIP Foundation mailing address).