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  • August 11, 2021 12:00 PM Pacific Time 


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2 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy NoticeJudith Fleenor

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GHP Blueprint Press Rollout Plan and Discussion

  • ToIP Talking Points
Judith Fleenor
10minToIP Updated Website Launch Plan and ApprovalJudith Fleenor
5 min

ToIP .pdf Branding of final deliverables

Judith Fleenor
4 minUpdate on Policy Re Voting in New Member Judith Fleenor
3 minGovernance Stack Working Group approved deliverablesJudith Fleenor
2 minInvite to Community Workshops for Foundational PapersJudith Fleenor

Open Discussion (as time permits)ALL


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Good Health Pass Blueprint Rollout Plan - ID2020

Judith Fleenor Updated with the following:

  • Due to the WHO announcement last week The Good Health Pass Blueprint press release and plan shifted to meet the current conversation in the market. 
    The finalized press release was completed moments ago.
  • ToIP is prominently noted in their Press Release, a short quote list will be sent out with their press release John Jordan's quote will be included there and the extended quotes list will be provided on the ID2020 website.
  • The media database ID2020 uses is Meltwater and it will go to ~2,000 journalists around the world and then also on the wire via Newswire Distribution, which is built into the Meltwater platform.
  • Also, due to the WHO announcement last week and the shift in the ID2020 press release, we most likely will need to rewrite our supporting BLOG. 
    An initial draft has been proposed by Drummond.   We need a small, but mighty team, to review, edit and complete the new BLOG for posting on our Website, ASAP!!!  
  • Lucy (CCI) and I have been in conversations with Jenny (LF) 
    It was decided a separate PR from us was unwarranted, but we are meeting on Friday to discuss having 2 Op Eds that will follow the release.
  • We have our talking points ready, how would you like to use them?

    No Questions were asked

Judith FleenorOpened a discussion about the ToIP BLOG to post on same day the ID2020 Press Release goes out.

  • A team was created to update our BLOG Post to align with the current ID2020 press release version and conversation in the market.  This Team consists of:

Bryn Robinson-Morgan

Drummond Reed

RJ Reiser

John Jordan

Steve McCown

A resolution was passed: RESOLVED:  That the team established at this meeting be authorized to approved for publication ToIP BLOG for The Good Health Pass Blueprint.

Judith Fleenorreminded the team to include Kaliya Youngthe working group chair in their rewrite process.

This BLOG post can then be published tomorrow the day the ID2020 Press Release goes out.

Judith FleenorOpened a discussion about the ToIP Talking Points.

Once correction was made to the talking points and it was decided to send them out to the General Membership list on the Day of the Press Release to encourage use by our members.

The Talking Points that were approve in June are:

  1. Good Health Pass (GHP) is one of our ToIP working groups, and they’ve just released the 1.0.0 version of their proposed recommendation for digital health passes, called the GHP Interoperability Blueprint.
  2. Many ToIP members have invested time to make the GHP standard privacy-protecting and secure, so people feel comfortable and confident sharing their personal health information when required.
  3. The Blueprint is another market step towards our goal of enabling digital trust infrastructure that just works everywhere, just like the Internet and the Web work everywhere.
  4. We’re encouraging members to review and endorse it using the Twitter handle #GHPBlueprint—and if possible a press release or blog post from your company or community.
  5. You can download the Blueprint and learn more from our blog post: [link here]

ToIP Updated Website Launch Plan and Approval

Judith Fleenor Gave thanks to all who have been working on content. 

Special thanks to: Victor Golubkov, Ajay Madhok, Daniel Bachenheimer, Drummond Reed, John Jordan, Kaliya Yong, Judith Fleenor and all the Working Group Chairs for their heavy lifting of initial content, Rebecca Davis-Suskind, for upcoming site review, and to Alex Metcafe for his writing and editing of our content.  And to the entire Communications Committee.

Very Special thanks to: Peter Stoyko for design elements and Alex Metcafe for technical support and implementation.

Judith Fleenorexplained that the plan is to launch the site as is as soon as possible because it is an improvement on our current site.  Then post launch we can review again and work of updating content as needed in a more collaborative way, perhaps including input from the work being done on the rewrite of our Foundational Documents.

Wenjing Chu asked how the continuous improvement mechanism would work?  Do, we need more long term dedicated attention from from some group to continue doing this, I just want to understand and fully support this, but I want to understand how we would do that.

Judith Fleenor replied that content review and update would be done in the Communications Committee.  Some Member with Word Press Knowledge would need to update the content or the Communications Committee would need to make a plan for how that would happen.  Regarding design elements, Peter's contract is to finish the InfoGraphic.

John Jordansaid for the near future Alex Metcalf from BC Gov can continue to assist as needed.  Judith Fleenorthanked John and BC Gov for their support.

After this discussion the following resolution was passed by consensus:  RESOLVED:  That the updated ToIP Website can be launched upon the approval of John Jordan and Judith Fleenor.

Branding for ToIP Approved Deliverable .PDFs

Judith Fleenor Started a discussion about Branding for our .pdf deliverables

  • We need a team to quickly work on a template for branding out ToIP Approved deliverables that are presented in .PDF format.

  • Discussion happened and RJ Reiseragreed to take lead on this effort.

Update on Policy Re Voting in New Member

Judith FleenorGave the following update on question from the last SC meeting.

  • We no longer need to vote in contributing members to ToIP.  They will be presented at the Steering Committee meeting only to inform members of who has joined recently.
  • We can establish policies for who we accept to the Steering Committee.
    This will be a topic of discussion at the next SC Plenary meeting.
  • Code of Conduct - there is no JDF or LF policy for handling Code of Conduct violations.  Recommend that we create a process and policy for ToIP. 
    This will be a topic for discussion at our next.

Governance Stack Working Group approved deliverables

Judith Fleenorgave an update on the status of the Governance Stack Working Group Deliverables

  • Scott Perry, the Lead for the Governance Stack Working Group previously submit two deliverable for the 7 Day Review Period. 

  • ToIP Risk Assessment Companion Guide
  • ToIP Risk Assessment Worksheet Template

  • Both deliverable were approved by the GSWG on June 17, 2021 and sent to the SC earlier for the 7 day review period.  During the review period some suggestions were made by SC and those edits are being incorporated, these will be sent to SC by email.
  • After the 7 day review period has been met, a call for consensus will be sent via email.

Invite to Community Writing Workshops for Foundational Papers

Judith Fleenorinvited everyone to participate in the Community Writing Workshops

Drummond Reedadded detail about the Writing Workshops

Upcoming Meetings

Judith Fleenorthe upcoming meetings:

All Members Meeting  August 18th 

  • Trust Registries, etc,

SC Plenary Meeting August 24/25th (Slot B)

  • Plenary Meeting

Open Discussion

John Jordan invited anyone who wishes to have a conversation with him to know that he is available to members and provided his calendary for you to set appointments.

A rich discussion was had about both Educational used for Verifiable Credentials and secondly about the market in Europe.  This discussion starts on the recording at 41:30 minutes.  Listen to it if this interests you.

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