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  • 2022 Goals and Priorities 


  • Judith Fleenor (ToIP - Director of Strategic Engagement)
  • Drummond Reed (Evernym/Avast)
  • John Jordan
  • Andre Kudra (esatus)
  • Bryn Robinson-Morgan (Mastercard)
  • Steve McCown (Anonyome Labs)
  • Scott Perry (Schellman)
  • Jessica Townsend ()
  • Wenjing Chu ()
  • Mike Vesey ()
  • Michael Nettles (ETS)
  • Elisa Trevino (LF)

2 minAgenda ReviewJudith Fleenor
15 minToIP Financials Review

15 min

ToIP Growth Strategy DiscussionJudith Fleenor

10 min

2022 GoalsJudith Fleenor
50 minOpen DiscussionAll

  • Recording


  • Presentation (Google Slides)


Agenda Review 

Judith Fleenor kicked off the meeting and presented to agenda and the anti trust policy. Judith Fleenorreviewed the agenda and then shared updates for up-coming events and special topic presenters across our working groups.

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