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Meeting Schedule

  • May 18/19, 2021



  • Judith Fleenor (incoming ToIP Strategic and Operational Lead)


2 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy NoticeD Luchuk
3 minMembership review and approval D Luchuk
10 minIntroduction - Judith Fleenor D Luchuk & J Fleenor
15 min

Update - JDF 5.0 roll-out & Steering Members

D Luchuk

10 min Request - Agreements with Indy networks D Luchuk & All
10 minUpdate - Communications and OperationsD Luchuk
5 minsWrap-upD Luchuk


  • Presentation - Agenda - PDF



Membership review and approval

  • David Luchuk asked participants whether, given the size of the group on this call, it would be appropriate to pass procedural resolutions such as the approval of incoming members. This as agreed by committee members.
    • New ToIP individual and contributor members were approved.

Introduction - Judith Fleenor

  • David Luchuk welcomed and introduced Ms Judith Fleenor who is the incoming ToIP Strategic and Operational lead.
  • Judith Fleenor discussed her experience running training organizations and long-standing interest in the digital identity space. She indicated to all that, once she is fully-on-boarded to Linux Foundation and ToIP, her intent is to meet individually with Steering members.
  • John Jordan and all Committee members unanimously welcomed Ms Fleenor to the Foundation and offered support to her through the initial transition period.

Update - JDF 5.0 roll-out & Steering Members

  • David Luchuk indicated that implementation of the JDF 5.0 project charter and new membership agreement via DocuSign on the ToIP website is complete. New members have started using the revised charter and the online links provided successfully.
  • Karl Kneissuggested that effort be committed to recruiting new Steering members and encouraging existing contributor members to consider upgrading.
    • Drummond Reedindicated that Steering recruitment is an area that Judith Fleenor will be able to support after her transition.
  • David Luchukprovided an update on renewal of Steering membership, indicating that IBM is considering rejoining ToIP at the Steering level and that Brighthive has decided to not renew its Steering membership.

Request - Agreements with Indy networks

  • David Luchukexplained that ToIP member Heather Dahl from Indicio had contacted him to request that the Steering Committee consider establishing other agreements between ToIP and utilities, akin to the one recently announced with Sovrin Foundation.
  • Karl Kneisexpressed support for this idea, indicating that signalling support for all utilities will help eliminate confusion in the market.
  • Drummond Reedagreed that ToIP should be supporting any utility, not just those using Indy, that intends to be recognized as adoption the model ToIP is developing.
  • sankarshancautioned that the Sovrin letter was a form of "handshake" agreement, which had a different scope and intent than agreements intended recognize utilities as aligning with the ToIP model.
  • Karl Kneissuggested that he and sankarshanadvance this discussion directly with Ms Fleenor following her transition.

Update - Communications and Operations

  • David Luchukprovided an update on recent Communications activity including progress toward finalizing the interactive infographic, the release of a ToIP-themed episode of SSI Orbit and the announcement of the ToIP/Sovrin letter of agreement.
  • David Luchukadvised committee members that access to an admin account and zoom accounts has been provided to working group leads to allow them to create and modify meetings that will be reflected in the ToIP calendar.
  • He also suggested that the committee consider the possibility of upgrading the Foundation's Slack account to permit real-time access to all conversations across all channels.
    • Drummond Reedindicated that the committee needs a clear estimate of the cost of a Slack upgrade in order to make a decision.

Action items

  • David Luchuk to put Karl Kneis and sankarshan in contact with Judith Fleenor to begin discussing agreements with utilities.
  • The committee requires a cost update on the possibility of upgrading ToIP's Slack account.

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