Meeting Schedule

  • April 07, 2021




2 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy NoticeD Luchuk
3 minIntroduction of new membersD Luchuk
10 minGood Health Pass Working Group - Update

D Luchuk, K Young, R Distler

10 min Budget Request - CTWG - open source toolingD Reed
10 minSteering membership - Renewal and Step-DownD Luchuk 
5 minAgreements - Sovrin letter and OIX/Kantara/MyDataD Luchuk
5 minsUpdates & Upcoming Meetings D Luchuk
5 minsWrap-upD Luchuk


  • Exhibit A - Meeting Minutes (Plenary - Mar 10, 2021) - PDF

  • Presentation - Agenda - PDF



  • Meeting Minutes (draft until approved) - PDF


  • By consensus, the committee approved budget request for a bounty to develop the ToIP Term Tool.
  • The committee acknowledged organizations stepping down from the Steering Committee (01 May 2021) and thanked them for their contributions to the Foundation.

Action items

  • David Luchuk to share a budget update accounting for the proposed cost for the ToIP Spec Tool.
  • David Luchukto move the All Member and Steering Committee Special Topic meetings to the week of April 26, and resolve the overlap in their scheduling.

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