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  • August 24th/25th, 2021 9:00 PM Pacific Time, midnight ET, 4:00 AM UTC


Steering Committee Voting Members

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3 minWelcome,Antitrust Policy Notice, Agenda Review and Approval of minutes Judith Fleenor

2 min

Membership approval process no longer needed-
Membership review

Judith Fleenor
5 minGovernance Stack Working Group approved deliverables
2 min

BLOG post writing Guidelines

Judith Fleenor
10 minWorking Group Chair expresses a Developing Topic that needs to be addressed at ToIP 
10 minSteering Committee Member’s Suggestions for improved member experience
5 minCreation of Criteria for Steering Committee Membership Judith Fleenor
2 minCreation of a Process for Code of Conduct ViolationsJudith Fleenor
4 minUpcoming meetings and Special TopicsJudith Fleenor
2 minLinux Foundation Member Summit

Open Discussion (as time permits)ALL


  • Presentation - Agenda - PDF



Minutes Approval

The minutes for the June 30th and July 26th, 2021 Steering Committee were approved.

Membership approval process no longer needed- Membership review

Judith Fleenor

  • We no longer need to vote in contributing members to ToIP. 
  • The following new members were announced:

    Corporate Contributor Members:
    • Bonifii
    • Trust Elevate
    • ProofMarket
    • Privatiyze
    • Pulse Connect 
    • Imageware 
    • SITA ATS Ltd. 
    • Positive + Impakt 
    • Zamna Technologies
    • Reputationaire 
    • Kokomo Solutions Inc. KOKOMO24/7
    • Lab309 Ltd 
    • BlockchainBird
    • Drave Developpement
    • Briartech Consulting Inc

Individual Contributor Members:

    • Mitchell Wever 
    • Phil Wolff 
    • Sam Smith

Governance Stack Working Group approved deliverables

Judith Fleenorgave an update on the status of the Governance Stack Working Group Deliverables

  • Scott Perry, the Lead for the Governance Stack Working Group previously submit two deliverable: 
    • ToIP Risk Assessment Companion Guide
    • ToIP Risk Assessment Worksheet Template
  • Both deliverable were approved by the GSWG on June 17, 2021 and sent to the SC earlier for the 7 day review period.  During the review period some suggestions were made by SC.  Those comments by Andre Kudrawhere responded to by the Scott Perryworking group lead.  Andre Kudraagreed that it was sufficient to move forward with deliverable approval.  
  • The following resolution was approved by consensus:
    RESOLVED:  That the “ToIP Risk Assessment Worksheet Template” and “ToIP Risk Assessment Companion Guide” Working Group Approved Deliverable submitted by the Governance Stack Working Group be hereby approved by the Steering Committee as a Trust Over IP (ToIP) Approved Deliverable.

BLOG Post Writing Guidelines

Judith Fleenorshared the new BLOG Post writing guidance that is available in the Education and Resources section of the Wiki here.

The Communications Committee is suggesting that with each deliverable that is sent to the Steering Committee for approval, a BLOG Post should be sent to the Communications Committee for word-smithing, approval, and posting.

For previously approved deliverables that haven’t yet had a BLOG posted yet, please encourage the authors or others in the Working Group to submit a BLOG post draft to the Communications Committee.

Developing Topic from Working Group Lead for discussion

Judith Fleenor opened a discussion based on an email that Scott Perry sent based on an email from the Yomo TF.   Two points to start the discussion are:

  • While parties are bringing governance framework development needs to our attention, there lacks a fundamental strategy to operationalize and sustain it when it is built.

  • There is a mis-expectation of parties seeking assistance from ToIP that they can sit back and we will build their governance framework (and now run their governing authority) for free.

After a robust discussion, it was decided that these issues should be discussed in the Working Group level, and the brought to the SC when and if they needed guidance or have a proposal.   (Listen to recording, until discussion points can be added to the Wiki.)

Steering Committee Members suggestions for Members Experience

Judith Fleenor presented a list of Member Engagement suggestions that where sent to the Steering Committee by sankarshan

  • Getting an account on the Wiki
  • Zoom Recordings Automatically post to the Slack Channel
  • Using Mailing List or GitHub issue for more conversations for longer retention
  • Checking in with New Members at 60 day anniversary
  • Globalization of the contents
    We can select a few from a criteria (say, membership cluster at this current moment in time) and determine where this investment would make most sense.
  • Quarterly newsletter 
  • More Twitter
    Encourage members to tweet @ ? 
  • Volunteers for wiki gardening

Judith Fleenor asked for what were the highest priorities for people.  The response were top three priorities:

  • Zoom Recordings Automatically post to the Slack Channel
  • Quarterly newsletter 
  • Volunteers for wiki gardening

   (Listen to recording, until discussion points can be added to the Wiki.)

Creation of Criteria for Steering Committee Membership

Judith Fleenor suggested that t he Steering Committee should consider creating “criteria” for becoming a SC member.

Judith Fleenor  provided an example from another JDF Project.

   (Listen to recording, until discussion points can be added to the Wiki.)

Karl Kneisand Wenjing Chu volunteered to start working on creating a "criteria" for becoming a SC member.

Creation of a Process for Code of Conduct Violations

Judith Fleenorexplained that in JDF 5.0 Documents, page 3, item 15 there is a Code of Conduct.
The Project has adopted the terms of the Community Covenant 1.0available at https://community- and that it says "To report an issue or concern under this Code of Conduct, contact the Project Chairperson or the Joint Development Foundation General Manager."  Therefore, we should have a policy ready for what we do, if someone “Contacts the Project Chairperson”

   (Listen to recording, until discussion points can be added to the Wiki.)

Upcoming Meetings

Judith Fleenorthe upcoming meetings:

Special Topic - September 7th/8th (Slot B)  9pm PT  & October 6th (Slot A)  Possible topics are:

  • Beyond Credential Exchange
  • Ontario’s Digital Identity technology roadmap
    Senior Advisor at Infrastructure Ontario supporting Ontario Digital Service (part of Ministry of Finance) on the Digital Identity (DI) program. 
    They are undergoing a round of market consultations with priority vendors, companies, and organizations in the digital identity space. 
    They would like to give a presentation on the Province’s initial technology roadmap for digital identity and answer any questions the broader marketplace might have.
  • OIX new Guide to Trust Frameworks
  • Other topics?

ALL Members Meetings as currently scheduled
Sept 15th, WG Updates?                Oct. 13th Special Topic, which is during IIW?

   (Listen to recording, until discussion points can be added to the Wiki.)

It was decided that the Ontario Digital Identity Roadmap would be the next Special Topics meeting, if we could find the date that work for them.  SC gave approval to move and switch date and time of next SC meeting if needed.

It was alls decided to move the October ALL Members Meeting, to the week after IIW.

Linux Foundation Member Summit

  • Linux Foundation Member Summit  Nov. 2-4, 2021
    Silverado Resort, Napa Valley, CA

  • Event is by invite only, as Steering Committee members, we can get you a code if you’d like one and haven’t already received one.  SC please contact Judith Fleenor if you need the code.

  • There was interest in having a meal or meeting moment for those attending.  

Open Discussion

There was no time for open Discussion, the meeting went overtime 10 minutes with the scheduled topics.

Action items

  •  Karl Kneisand Wenjing Chu volunteered to start working on creating a "criteria" for becoming a SC member.
  • Judith Fleenor to meet with Ontario'Senior Advisor on Friday, to find a date that works for their presentation.

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