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  • Agenda Review (2 min)
  • Minutes Approval (3 min)
  • New Member Review (2 min)
  • Introduction of Monokee, new SC Member (10 min)
  • June -December 2022 Budget Reforecast for Approval (5 min)
  • Election of Steering Committee Voting Members:
    SC Members up for a renewal for new three year term (5 min)
  • New Membership Structure and Fee proposal (20 min)
  • Upcoming All Members Meeting Special Topics (1min)
  • Open Discussion


  • Judith Fleenor (ToIP - Director of Strategic Engagement)
  • Drummond Reed (Avast)
  • John Jordan (BC Gov)
  • Andre Kudra (esatus)
  • Bryn Robinson-Morgan (Mastercard)
  • Mattia Zago (Monokee)
  • Roberto Griggio (Monokee)
  • Steve McCown (Anonyome Labs)
  • Scott Perry (Schellman)
  • Jessica Townsend (Accenture)
  • Wenjing Chu (Future Wei)
  • Mike Vesey (IDRamp)
  • Chris Ingrao (Lumedic)
  • Elisa Trevino (LF)

2 minAgenda ReviewJudith Fleenor
3 minMeeting Minutes Approval

2 min

New Member ReviewJudith Fleenor

10 min

Introduction of Monokee, new SC MemberJudith Fleenor
5 minJune -December 2022 Budget Reforecast for ApprovalJudith Fleenor 
5 minElection of Steering Committee Voting Members:
SC Members up for a renewal for new three year term
Judith Fleenor 
20 minNew Membership Structure and Fee proposal

1 minUpcoming All Members Meeting Special TopicsJudith Fleenor 
As time allowsOpen DiscussionAll

  • Recording


  • Presentation (Google Slides)


Agenda Review 

Judith Fleenor kicked off the meeting and presented to agenda and the anti trust policy. Judith Fleenorreviewed the agenda and then shared updates for up-coming events and special topic presenters across our working groups. Judith Fleenor mentioned an introduction to our newest Steering Committee Member and the budget ref-recast and budget review. Lastly she mentioned we'll discuss toward the end of the meeting our up-coming meetings.

Approval of Minutes

Judith Fleenor  presented a resolution to approve the minutes from the previous two Steering Committee meetings (Exhibit A) January 12th and solicited questions from the group. There were no questions or objections. 

Judith Fleenor  indicated that consensus had been reached and the following resolution was approved: 

RESOLVED: That the minutes of the January 12th, 2021 of the Steering Committee, in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A, is hereby confirmed, approved, and adopted. 

Membership Review and New Member Introductions 

Judith Fleenor presented a list of new contributor members. There is one new Steering Committee members--Monikee, so no approval required. Roberto Griggio introduced himself and shared some details about his company and some of the work they do and vendors they support. They participate in the decentralization since 2018, following the identity trust model as a POC to illustrate to their customers. He went on to introduce his colleague Mattia Zago  who is a Solutions Architect with a focus on cyber security and AI. They are focusing on "coddles integration" for system admins and they support protocols and are a certified SCIMa. They are able to connect classic password flow to input and user binding to end user, fully authenticated. They believe they can bring useful knowledge and experience with "legacy" centralized and federated identity. They look forward to collaborating with the ToIP Foundation. @DrummondReed, John Jordan and Andre Kudra welcomed them and thanked them for their support.

Budget Reforecast 

Judith Fleenor shared an illustration of the budget details for the re-forecast of the for the remainder of the year and called out the specific details that will be directly impacted. She shared the increase for the promotional items and meetups to $3000, conference sponsorship $1400, additional funding for trademark to $8000, G&A to $32,325, leadership from $144,000 to extend Judith's contract, PMO to $80,000 and staff travel to $30,000. This puts our overall budget from $241,875 to $348,725. Drummond Reed supports the new budget and shared that he is in favor to make these adjustments

Judith Fleenor called for approval and there were no objections so this has been adopted and approved for the remainder of the year. Elisa Trevino will submit to Finance for approval.

Steering Committee Elections 

Judith Fleenor introduced the updates for the Steering Committee details regarding the representative terms that are in place for the Foundation. She shared the details and explained that we're now in a position to re-vote for new terms. She shared that we formally elect these members as voting members for committee elections. No objections were announced and this was formally adopted. A few typos were called out, spelling of MITRE and Esatus. Judith Fleenor took note and will update the slide.

Membership Fees & Structure

Judith Fleenor introduced the members to lead the discussion for membership changes. Bryn Robinson-Morgan will be presenting the groups recommendations for consideration. A copy was sent out and shared with the Steering Committee in advance of the meeting. He went on to share that they're focused on illustrating the value proposition to help illustrate this across the different level of commitment and membership. The initial slide shows the ToIP Mission and Strategy across each membership level. He specifically called out that we should consider adding a voting member from the General Membership level to help drive engagement via nomination to represent this segment of our membership levels. Drummond Reed mentioned that he likes this idea, but mentioned we may be challenging our efforts to promote General Members to Steering Members, but Bryn Robinson-Morgan mentioned they want to leverage Contributor memberships to General Membership by adding this benefit.

Bryn Robinson-Morgan went on to the Conduct of Business that illustrates the working groups and task force engagement and benefits per membership level. They created an idea of "Advisory Groups" that will offer a mediation role for approval and engagement to help drive decisions quickly. This role helps set working group and task force objectives and recommend deliverables for approval. They would also meet quarterly to enable SC members to have more specialist guidance in the approval of deliverables. 

The final benefits are titled Marketing and Communication remains largely the same, but also illustrates the benefits across the three membership levels. The idea here is to leverage logo display opportunities as well as event/conference attendance based on membership as a benefit. Bryn Robinson-Morgan went on to demonstrate how we expand out memberships with 24 large/medium memberships, 10 small and 1 general member. He presented the details for cost bump  based on the number of employees and details for price increase over the next two years. The raise would go from $20k to $35k (2023) to $50k (2024) for our largest Steering Committee members. Scott Perry brought up the idea of having a cost for Contributor Membership to contribute but not on a mandatory basis, but provide them an option to contribute as they would like to based on their sponsorship contributions. Drummond Reed mentioned having some specific activities that these additional funds would be directed to, in order to better illustrate the value for their contribution. Bryn Robinson-Morgan went on to mentioned that we can do a better job illustrating the LF membership benefits to further demonstrate the overall value. He went on to mentioned that the additional Sponsorship opportunities, as an example, the effort for ISO efforts to deliver this across the finish line by directing those funds to a specific sponsorship fund. He shared a graph that illustrates the two options, Platnium or Gold Sponorship funds. He mentioned that we could have an Advisory group that would be the primary participating folks to engage in those type of events. He shared the numbers based on organization size that range from $50k to $10k. 

Drummond Reed asked if there's a set of Advisory Committees? Bryn Robinson-Morgan said that we should align them to the WGs, but we need to figure out the structure for this is we see the value in it to implement. Drummond Reed agrees that this is a great option and Judith Fleenor mentioned that she's received feedback that she's heard from our larger SC groups that these Advisory groups will help enable value to future members.  Judith Fleenor asked if we can resolve this bump in membership fees if there are no objections. She will send them out via email and then within seven days, if there are no objections, then we can proceed with implementing these changes. Elisa Trevino will work with finance to get these implement in time for Identiverse to present and recruit future membership. Drummond Reed stated that he's comfortable with the new changes, but asked for clarification regarding how soon these new changes can be implemented and Judith Fleenor mentioned that they will remain at the same rate for current members and then would be implemented for the new members in the current year. John Jordan thanked everyone for their assistance and support. He asked if there are any changes or considerations we need to take into account from a JDF perspective. Judith Fleenor mentioned that we should not have any issues, but that we'll need to update our policies and procedures to move forward. John Jordan mentioned that the JDF terms include some details regarding the WG terms and that may impact the "Advisory Role" position. Judith Fleenor mentioned that we will review these together. John Jordan asked for clarification on the "sponsorship" options for the smaller groups. and Judith Fleenor mentioned we can leverage the Crowd Funding element for that piece. He went on to mention concern regarding that dedicating specific funds to specific activities may be tricky as it may be difficult to track. Bryn Robinson-Morgan agrees that we review the wording correct to eliminate any confusion but gives us enough flexibility to use the funds as we need. Wenjing Chu asked about the sponsorship and advisory details are not in the resolution and he is in support, but he asked that we send a document that details all of the items we've discussed here today and Judith Fleenor said that she will update the document that details just membership benefits, structure and new fees that are included in the resolution. John Jordan also mentioned that we should clarify the changes in 2024 as they increase over the course of the next two years. Judith Fleenor mentioned that we can clarify via the wording so that members understand this needs to be voted on again next year before another rate increase. 

All Members Special Topics

Judith Fleenor mentioned the next All Members meeting and encouraged everyone to attend.  She went on to discuss the Dublin Conference in the fall and shared that the agenda is to discuss and address these topics for agenda 

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