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  • Agenda Review (1 min)
  • Minutes Approval (2 min)
  • New Member Review (1 min)
  • Presentation from CVS Health, new SC Member (10 min)
  • EFWG Deliverable Discussion (5min)
  • ISWG reconfiguration request (5 min)
  • ToIP Summit 2022 Budget (10 min)
  • ToIP Summit Marketing (5 min)
  • Fall IIW (3 min)
  • Website Updates (3 min)
  • Open Discussion (As time Allows)


  • Judith Fleenor (ToIP - Director of Strategic Engagement)
  • Drummond Reed (Avast)
  • Neal Shah (CVS)
  • John Jordan
  • Paul Knowles ()
  • Scott Perry (Schellman)
  • Neil Thomson ()
  • Steven Milstein ()
  • Abbie (CVS)
  • Matt Van Allen (CVS)
  • Christine Leong ()
  • Michael Nettles (ETS)
  • Bryn Robinson-Morgan
  • Andre Kudra ()
  • Mike Vesey (IDRamp)
  • Elisa Trevino (LF)

1 minAgenda ReviewJudith Fleenor
2 minMeeting Minutes Approval

1 min

New Member ReviewJudith Fleenor

10 min

Presentation from CVS Health, new SC MemberAbbie Barbir
5 minsEFWG Deliverable DiscussionJudith Fleenor 
5 minsISWG reconfiguration request
10 minsToIP Summit 2022 BudgetJudith Fleenor 
5 minsToIP Summit MarketingJudith Fleenor 
3 minsFall IIW Judith Fleenor 
3 minsWebsite Updates Judith Fleenor 
As Time AllowsOpen DiscussionAll 

  • Recording


  • Presentation (Google Slides)


Agenda Review 

Judith Fleenor kicked off the meeting and presented to agenda and the anti trust policy. Judith Fleenorreviewed the agenda and then shared updates for announcements and new business. Judith Fleenor inquired about changes or updates to the meeting minutes for June and July; no feedback was provided and the two meeting minutes and they were confirmed and adopted. Judith Fleenor shared updates for membership with three new contributor members, some as companies and others as individuals. She went on to introduce Abbie from CVS Health. Abbie introduced himself as a representative from Enterprise Identity Security with a focus on Identity Innovation. He presented their agenda and introduced the team, Abbie Barbir (Enterprise Information Security), Alan Bachmann–Senior Architect--, Neal Shah–Research Architect-- and Matthew Van Allen–Security Architect-- (Technology Architecture & Innovation).  Neal mentioned that he focuses on Decentralized Identity and Matt shared that he is on the leadership development program with a focus on decentralized identity with a focus on AI. Abbie shared a illustration that demonstrated the two groups (Global Applications and Global Identity). He shared that they are closely engaged with Hyperledger and also Secure Technology Alliance, ADIA (Trusted Issuer-Cross Chain) and now ToIP. He shared their efforts to collaborate with providers and data sharing and lifecycle and health of data. He mentioned that they are the core group at CVS working to achieve the ability to leverage unified or permissions identities. They are focused on the consumer side of the business regarding accounts, password and account security to help build and establish trust. THey're working on EIS Next Gen Auth Evolution. They work with FIDO and have a roadmap to achieve Passwordless Authentication. Abbie mentioned the evolving needs of the consumer. They are working to address the challenges, study the trends and identity opportunities. They are focused on eliminating unnecessary friction in terms of managing user accounts and balancing data needs. Abbie continued that they are focused on this because they want to enhance the consumer experience, create interoperability, cost effective, identity vetting, business enablement and security on behalf of the customer. Abbie shared that there are limitations with Knowledge Based Authentication that they're working to resolve. They are working to investigate decentralization options for consumer identity relationship management portal and shared an illustration that demonstrates what they're working toward. 

EFWG Deliverable - Discussion

Judith Fleenor asked if there was additional feedback regarding the white paper deliverable and encouraged the Steering Committee to review the content and provide feedback as needed. 

ISWG - Reconfiguration Request

Neil Thomson shared an update on the Inputs and Semantics WG and the desire to evolve into a Data Representation WG (DRWG) to focus on data modeling work, mental and ontological models, as well as data transformation and related object presentation. Additionally, this is more closely related to DRWG Common Core Ontology Task Force which arose from Jim Schoening's "IAM project". Furthermore the proposal is to move the Storage and Portability TF to the TSWG, Notice and Consent TF to GSWG and the Privacy and Risk TF to the GSWG. Paul Knowles mentioned that with the evolution of the work at ToIP and the new goals they're working to achieve, they believe align better with Data Representation. He mentioned that Neil Thomson and Steven will be the new leaders of this group. Scott Perry inquired on the deliverables status for the current working group and Paul Knowles mentioned that their previous focus was on KERI and that they're working beyond the knowledge space now to achieve a standard in the ecosystem. Judith Fleenor informed the team of the process to formally get spun up as a Working Group to be added to our JDF documentation and she confirmed that we need to confirm with Seth on the process to sunset the ISWG officially. Judith Fleenor shared that our goal would be to formally complete this in the October Steering Committee meeting. 

ToIP Summit Budget

Judith Fleenor shared a slide on the additional budget requests we have to cover cost for additional microphones and Drummond Reed and John Jordan agreed that the four microphones is the best option. Judith Fleenor continued with the SWAG needs to Hyperledger Global Forum. She shared the pricing for stickers and the table runner. Scott Perry and others support the idea of getting stickers, 2000 for the event.  Judith Fleenor asked for ideas on swag items and folks mentioned koosies, t-shirts as affordable and easy to order/distribute. Bryn Robinson-Morgan asked how many folks we're anticipated and Judith Fleenor confirmed that 50 is the goal number. The budget will be $5-$10 per person as a giveaway. Mike Vesey asked about the type of shirts and it seems consensus button down shirts. Judith Fleenor shared the details to get the word out for the upcoming summit and asked SC members to start promoting the event and inviting folks personally to attend and participate.

Judith Fleenor asked about sponsorships for IIW and there was confirmation from the group that we want to do this for the event in November. She went on to share the website updates as well. 

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