• 2022 Goals and Priorities 


  • Judith Fleenor (ToIP - Director of Strategic Engagement)
  • Drummond Reed (Evernym/Avast)
  • John Jordan
  • Andre Kudra (esatus)
  • Bryn Robinson-Morgan (Mastercard)
  • Steve McCown (Anonyome Labs)
  • Scott Perry (Schellman)
  • Jessica Townsend ()
  • Wenjing Chu ()
  • Mike Vesey ()
  • Michael Nettles (ETS)
  • Elisa Trevino (LF)

2 minAgenda ReviewJudith Fleenor
3 minMinutes Approval

2 min

New Member Review

2 min

Upcoming Steering Committee possible date changesJudith Fleenor
2 minUpcoming All Members Meeting Special Topics Judith Fleenor
5 minApproval of eIDAS BLOG
2 minReview Request from UFWGJudith Fleenor
5 minTrust Over IP Financial Review
15 minToIP Growth Strategy DiscussionJohn Jordan
10 minGoals for 2022Judith Fleenor
As time allowsOpen DiscussionAll

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Agenda Review 

Judith Fleenor kicked off the meeting and presented to agenda and the anti trust policy. Judith Fleenorreviewed the agenda and then shared updates for up-coming events and special topic presenters across our working groups. Judith asked if there were any changes needed to address or change to the February meetings and called for approval of the minutes. Judith Fleenorreviewed the updated members for review and shared updates on new individuals members and new company members. She turned it over to Scott Perryto introduce himself and share some insight about Schellman. Scott Perryshared statistical information about Schellman and mentioned they are a compliance and service company for ISO companies. They help support IT criteria requirements. They are one of the top 100 CPA firms in the US with over 400 professionals currently serving over 700 companies. They offer compliance and penetration testing to their clients and focus on SOC and Attestation compliance requirements. He is responsible for governance standards for generally accepted compliance schemes like HIPPA, FedRAMP, ISP, PCI, SOC and more. He believes there is a new for a large scale arbiter to help support these services for governing services. Scott Perryis working to engage other Schellman resources to ToIP. He is an owner of the firm as an Executive who focuses on Crypto and Digital Trust services. They want to focus on getting into NFT Infrastructure, Blockchain and verifiable credentials. They're building out new offerings to better fit the future needs in the market and within this field. They want to assist and be on the leading edge of these methodologies and identify areas of opportunity to collaborate across the Steering committee.

The next Steering Committee meeting is scheduled during the IIW meeting on April 27th and proposed making a change to the meeting time for the next scheduled meeting. the Steering Committee agreed to cancel the meeting since the majority of folks will be in attendance of IIW. Judith Fleenoralso reviewed the May date to review, since it interferes with EIC. She asked about changing this date to May 4th or May 25th, the Steering Committee agreed to change the May 25th date as a Discussion/Plenary meeting, but also pencil in a session for May 4th. 

Judith Fleenor provided an update on the All Members Meeting scheduled for April 20th regarding the presenters who will discuss the Integrated climate accounting for the Paris Agreement with ToIP, introducing the Open Climate Platform. She went on to share that the May 18th meeting will be a working group update format. Judith Fleenor also shared the agenda for the upcoming presenters and speakers scheduled across working group meetings. The June 15th All Members meeting has IAM and SSi: A Combined Approach to Digital Identity. 

Drummond Reed shared an update regarding eIDAS 2.0 BLOG and Submission and the work that's been happening behind the scenes. The European Digital Identity Wallerts initiative is now a centerpiece of digital identity activity in the EU given the goal of having the first wallets to be operational by this September. The contributors to this content are Antti Kettunen, Bart Suichies, Viky Manaila, John Phillips, Dan Bachenheimer and Drummond Reed. It was recommended to consider a formal submission to the EU DIW Toolbox Consultation. The 2.5 page submission is due April 15th and asked the Steering Committee to review and approve today ( Bryn Robinson-Morgan shared some feedback that the messaging of this content was not as clear and he thinks it could and proposed adding headers to help with message delivery. Judith Fleenor asked if Bryn would be willing to collaborate with a member to make additional contributions and Drummond Reed mentioned that he agrees there's an opportunity make those minor edits and said that he can work together to make the edits. Andre Kudra asked a question if this was different then the blog and they confirmed the difference between the two documents; he mentioned that it would be great if this lead to an open dialog but mentioned that there are a lot of contributions from across the world and that will have a lot of engagement over the coming months. Bryn Robinson-Morgan offered his approval and committed to sharing some heading suggestions to Drummond for consideration and review. Judith Fleenor called for resolution of a vote from the Steering Committee and there was support and no objections to approve and submit the effort for EU DIW Toolbox Consultation. 

Judith Fleenor reviewed a request from the Utility Foundry Delivery group for they A Framework for Evaluating Layer 1 Public Utilities; she shared the details via a link for review. 

Judith Fleenor asked the Steering Committee about the LF Open Source Summit for a mini session in September in Ireland. After we discussed the details for the event with the LF events team, we learned that we have an opportunity and they agree that the Wednesday date might be the best option. She went on to share the opportunity to collaborate with LFPH and Governments, post OSS. 

Judith Fleenor provided an overview of our budget for 2022 and shared that we have a few members who are unpaid for the remainder of the year. She proposed the extension of Director of Strategic Engagement, future conferences and travel, as well as additional marketing material. Marie Wallace mentioned that Watson Health is breaking off of IBM and shared that she plans to have the new company to gain a new membership and a new IBM resource to take her place, post transition. Judith Fleenor went on to share the updates regarding the membership discussion with Mike Dolan from LF to review future membership fees to help us grow and better establish long term future opportunities. She shared the ISO track specifiation structure, Government forums and additional options for consideration. John Jordan mentioned that we need to prioritize driving additional funds as a baseline so that we can continue working within our current status and to help us grow. He mentioned  the EU opportunity and the ideas Scott Perry mentioned at the top of the meeting and then the Governmental and large enterprise for recognizable standards and documentations–ISO thread. He believes that our goal with our stack is to encourage the establish a common way of doing things (i.e. interoperability). We need implementation of these protocols so that we can have an end to end strategy to achieve our goals. He mentioned an opportunity to have a directed fund for growth from the LF to help us grow toward a common set of goals to work toward via ISO. This will help standardize commonality for digital trust within the market. Scott Perry has two ideas to share here; 1. he would like to have an accreditation scheme to help drive revenue for compliance via ToIP (i.e. certificate/fee), work would need to be done to help accredit since they're an ISO service company. 2. We can consider having a nominal cost ($250) for all contributor members to help drive engagement and help generate additional revenue for the foundation. Drummond Reed mentioned that he believes we need to resources to continue to grow ToIP and said that Avast is all in to help grow our mission. He believes that native Avastians can help with growth strategy team to help continue our efforts to grow. Judith Fleenor proposed putting together a small group for a growth strategy to help focus on building a plan; Bryn Robinson-Morgan volunteered to participate, Drummond Reed also mentioned that he would participate, John Jordan agreed to have the May 4th date to focus on this discussion. The Steering Committee agreed to use the private slack channel to have this discussion. Marie Wallace mentioned having a google doc to maintain the ideas and information.  

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