• Agenda Review (1 min)
  • Minutes Approval (2 min)
  • New Member Review (1 min)
  • EFWG Deliverable Approval (5min)
  • Call for Budget Committee (3 min)
  • Membership Renewal Update (3 min)
  • LF Members Summit (5 min)
  • Fall IIW (2 min)
  • November/December Meeting Schedule (3 min)
  • Upcoming Meetings - October (1 min)
  • Update on Open Wallet Foundation and the TATF Spec (10 min)
  • Open Discussion


  • Judith Fleenor (ToIP - Director of Strategic Engagement)
  • Drummond Reed (Avast)
  • Wenjing Chu ()
  • Chris Ingrao ()
  • Scott Perry (Schellman)
  • Abbie (CVS)
  • Steve McCown ()
  • Bryn Robinson-Morgan (Mastercard)
  • Suma Nair ()
  • Keren Leung ()
  • Elisa Trevino (LF)

1 minAgenda ReviewJudith Fleenor
2 minMinutes Approval

1 min

New Member ReviewJudith Fleenor

5 min

EFWG Deliverable ApprovalJudith Fleenor 
3 minsCall for Budget CommitteeJudith Fleenor 
3 minsMembership Renewal Update
5 minsLF Member Summit 

2 minsFall IIWJudith Fleenor 
3 minsNovember/December Meeting ScheduleJudith Fleenor 
1 minsUp-Coming Meetings - OctoberJudith Fleenor 
10 minsUpdate on Open Wallet Foundation and the TATF Spec
As Time AllowsOpen DiscussionAll 

  • Recording


  • Presentation (Google Slides)


Agenda Review 

Judith Fleenor kicked off the meeting and presented to agenda and the anti trust policy. Judith Fleenorreviewed the agenda and then shared updates for announcements and new business. 

Meeting Minute Approval - 

Judith Fleenor called for approval of the meeting minutes for the August meeting minutes and they were formally approved and adopted. 

Call for Budget Committee -

Judith Fleenor shared that we're looking for folks to join a budget committee to help define our planning for 2023; Drummond Reed and Abbie and Scott Perry raised their hands to volunteer for participation.

Membership Renewal Update - 

Judith Fleenor provided the update and dates for on renewal notifications going out and invoices being sent out. Bryn Robinson-Morgan requested his invoice in advance of the standard date distribution. There is a request for a one-sheeter to detail our accomplishments for 2022; Bryn Robinson-Morgan, Drummond Reed to contribute and Judith Fleenor will create a google share doc. 

EFWG Deliverable Approval - 

Judith Fleenor shared the update for the revised version of the deliverable for the EFWG and there were no requests or updates from the Steering Committee; no objections were made and the Defining Digital Trust Ecosystem paper is approved.

LF Member Summit -

Judith Fleenor provided an update on the LF Summit in November and informed folks that we will be presenting with their respective organizations. Due to travel accommodations, it's been determined that we will not be using the space for a meeting. 

Fall IIW -

Judith Fleenor provided the details for IIW and mentioned our sponsorship table for breakfast at the event and shared a special discount code for our members who are able to attend. 

November/December Meeting Schedule -

Judith Fleenor proposed a December 9th meeting to replace our November meetings due to conflicts with IIW and holidays. She also suggested we cancel our December 21 meeting and push to December 14 as a holiday party. Bryn Robinson-Morgan suggested we identify a back up date for approval and review for the budget committee. Judith Fleenor confirmed that we will reserve a secondary meeting in case we are unable to come to a decision on December 9th. 

Up-Coming Meetings - October

Judith Fleenor provided an update on the Communication Committee meeting and the up-coming All Members meeting and the next Steering Committee meeting will be October 26th for the Avast presentation. Drummond Reed shared that the goal will be to discuss interoperability and how Avast is working toward this in the market. 

Technology Stack - 

Drummond Reed shared that the task force and spec has made much progress and they're working to have the new draft ready by IIW to share and delve into the insights of the spec architecture. He also shared that the spec is in GitHub for review and shared that they have a process for updating the spec. Wenjing Chu shared that he's created a recording on the presentation that illustrate the concept of the work they've been doing on the spec and highly recommends folks take the time to listen to the recording

Open Wallet Foundation -

Drummond Reed shared an update on the OWF and provided a high level of the cadence they're currently meeting both from a technical and business perspective. He also shared that the OWF is schedule to debut at LFMS in November. 

Open Discussion -

Drummond Reed shared that the Task Registry TF produced a spec and they were looking for additional feedback to approve the spec. Recently there's new interest in the area and learned that there are other trust registries that may influence the efforts from this working group. They are hoping to spin up a 2.0 version with new community feedback. Keren asked for resources to help explain the efforts so that she can better engage in the efforts toward development (Trust Registry Task Force).


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