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  • Judith Fleenor (ToIP - Director of Strategic Engagement)
  • Abbie B
  • John Kirby (IBM)
  • Scott Perry
  • Drummond Reed
  • Steve McCown
  • Bryn Robinson-Morgan
  • Daniel Bachenheimer
  • Wenjing Chu
  • John Jordan
  • Andre Kudra
  • RJ Reiser
  • Cathy Fankhauser
  • Michelle Janata (Linux Foundation)

1 minAgenda ReviewJudith Fleenor
2 minMinutes Approval

3 min

Welcome Michelle JanataJudith Fleenor
1 minNew Member Review
1 minMembership Renewal Update
3 min2023 SC Meeting Schedule
15 minOpen Wallet Foundation Associate Sponsorship - discussion

10 minsWorking Group - Annoucements

Open Discussion

  • Recording

  • Presentation (Google Slides)

Steering Committee Meeting Agenda 01.11.22.pptx


Agenda Review 

Judith Fleenor kicked off the meeting and presented to agenda and the anti trust policy.

Call to Order
Judith Fleenor called the meeting to order at approx. 12:03 and announced the meeting would be recorded and took the official minutes.There were no objections.

Antitrust Policy Notice
Judith Fleenor reminded the Steering Committee of the Antitrust Policy.

Judith Fleenor introduced the agenda. No additional topics were added. Judith Fleenor confirmed that the Steering Committee members received and reviewed the December meeting minutes

and called to approve the minutes.

Approval of Minutes

Judith Fleenor presented a resolution to approve the minutes from the previous Steering Committee meeting (Exhibit A) December 7, 2022 and solicited questions from the group.

There were no questions or objections. 

Judith Fleenor indicated that consensus had been reached and the following resolution was approved: 

RESOLVED: That the minutes of the December 7, 2022 meeting of the Steering Committee, in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A, are hereby confirmed, approved, and adopted.

Welcome Michelle Janata

Judith Fleenor introduces Michelle Janata to the group. Judith explains with the departure of Elisa from LF Michelle will now take over the PM duties of the ToIP group.

Michelle has been with LF for four years and was on the onboarding team when Trust over IP was in the beginning stages of formation at the Linux Foundation.

New Member Review

Judith Fleenor informs the group that in December a problem with AutoJoin was discovered and we were not receiving the notices of new members wanting to join.

This was for the period of late November-early December. We had a backlog of pending memberships. Michelle has worked on the issue with the LF to get this resolved.

Intesi Group has upgraded their membership from Contributor to General membership with a start date of 1 January 2023.

Membership Renewal Update

Membership renewals went out on December 1, 2022. If you have not received your invoice, please reach out to either Judith or Michelle.

2023 SC Meeting Schedule (3 min)

The steering meetings have been updated. You should have received two invites one for the Steering Committee Plenary series 12:00-1:00PT,

every second Wednesday and the Steering Committee Discussion Meeting 12:00-1:30pm, every fourth Wednesday. These meetings are also on the public calendar.

Discussion meetings, what are the topics you would like to see at the Discussion meetings.  

Suggested Topics for the next Steering Discussion meeting:

  1. A session that takes deep dive into the Blog post The ToIP Trust Spanning Protocol taskforce, have all the steering committee members ask questions and discuss the implications of what this means.
  2. The positioning of Trust Over IP in the marketplace. The marketplace is changing. We need to make sure ToIP is projecting in the right light. Understanding where ToIP fits in the landscape and how do we promote what we want to promote to position our organization at the stature that we want it to be.
    1. The first two topics to be added to the agenda for the next Steering Discussion Meeting.
  3. A briefing from an expert Viky Manaila from the Intesi Group on the European Digital Identity Wallet reference Architecture framework when it is published. (Most likely to be published by our second Discussion meeting of the year)
  4. Standing Topic – monitoring and talking about the different sets of protocol format discussions going on in the Trust Spanning Protocol, ex: the over emphasis on credentials. How do these other protocol’s fit into the stack.
  5. NIST 800-63.4 – Is in the comment period for the NIST standard. March 24th is the deadline. Steering committee will need to discuss and respond.
  6. Daniel Hardman’s proposal for the “Grand Unified Theory” (GUT) goes deep into the Topic.
  7. Have a series of Discussion Meetings this year to which we invite representatives of our other sister orgs for a dialog about collaboration. DIF, OpenID Foundation, Hyperledger Aries, OpenWallet Foundation, OIX.

Meeting Schedule - All Members Meeting that are coming up.

Reminder that the next All members meeting Announcements followed by a presentation from UXWG about the “Overcoming Human Harm Challenges in Digital Identity Ecosystems” paper, public review.

February Working Group Updates format

March, Liz Tanner, Commerce Secretary for the state of Rhode Island, discussing their decentralized identity pilot and lessons learned.

Open Wallet Foundation Associate Sponsorship - discussion (15 min)

Does ToIP want to become an Associate Sponsor of the Open Wallet Foundation?

Judith Fleenor opens the discussion with what membership in Open Wallet Foundation would be for Trust over IP and what we would get with the membership.

The Associate Sponsor category of sponsorship is limited to Associate Sponsors of LFEU. The Governing Board may set additional criteria for sponsoring the OWF as an Associate Sponsor. If the Associate Sponsor is itself a membership or participation organization, Associate Sponsorship in the OWF does not confer any privileges or rights to the members or participants of the Associate Sponsor. Sponsors will be entitled to participate in OWF general meetings, initiatives, events, and any other activities; and identify themselves as sponsors of the OWF supporting the OWF community.

Consensus of the steering committee would be to hold off on filling out any of the paperwork for membership until we have more information on the what the Open Wallet Foundation mission is.

Action Item: Judith Fleenor to let Daniella Barbosa, Todd Benzies and Scott Nicolas know that we are still interested in joining but need more time to review. If something changes with the date of the launch to let us know right away. Judith Fleenor will also find out what does it mean to join the LF as an Associate sponsor. Judith will also request the LF Membership agreement in PDF format to be reviewed by the Steering committee.  

Action Item: Judith Fleenor to add joining the Open Wallet Foundation to the agenda for the next Steering Plenary meeting in February.

This mission statement of the OpenWallet Foundation can be found here:

Working Group - Announcements (10 minutes)

Judith Fleenor points out that the times have changed for some of the groups:

TSWG - Plenary Meeting now on Wednesday 8am PT (Note: after this meeting the TSWG decided to also have a 6pm PT Meeting)

TATF Meeting now on Wednesday 8am PT (Note: after this meeting the TSWG decided to also have a 6pm PT Meeting)

TSPTF Meeting now on Wednesdays 8am PT & 6pm PT

TSPTF Meeting now on Wednesdays 8am PT & 6pm PT

TRTF Meeting now on Thursdays 7am & 6pm PT

ACDC TF, now meeting every other Tuesday 7am PT

AI and Metaverse every other Thursday 9am PT

ToIP Concept and Terminology Working Group

We will finally be using the bounty that was approved by the SC in 2020.

Ecosystem Foundry Working Group

January 19th Microsoft’s Ankur Patel will be presenting on Entra ID.

Human Experience Working Group

HXWG - meeting once a month 2nd Thursday 9am

Interaction Patterns Task Force has yet to set their meeting times.

BGBU - Balancing the Good the Bad and the Ugly task force, will be presenting their paper at the next

All Members Meeting - January 19th and starting their public review process in February.
“Overcoming Human Harm Challenges in Digital Identity Ecosystems”

Upcoming Meetings

Communications Committee
Friday January

1pm PDT / 4pm EST / 20:00 UTC / 22:00 CEST

All Members Meeting - SSI Harms Paper
 Wednesday January 18th

10 am PDT / 1 pm EST / 17:00 UTC / 19:00 CEST

Steering Committee - Discussion Meeting

Wednesday January 25th

noon PDT / 3pm EST / 19:00 UTC / 21:00 CEST


At approximately 13:04 PT, Judith Fleenor adjourned the meeting.


 Judith Fleenor to let Daniella Barbosa, Todd Benzies and Scott Nicolas know that we are still interested in joining but need more time to review.

If something changes with the date of the launch to let us know right

Judith Fleenor to add joining the Open Wallet Foundation to the agenda for the next Steering Plenary meeting in February.

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