Meeting Schedule

  • October 6, 2021 12:00-1:00 PM Pacific Time, 


Steering Committee Voting Members

Also Participating


  • Nick Mothershaw, Open Identity Exchange


3 minWelcome,Antitrust Policy Notice, Agenda Review and Approval of minutes Judith Fleenor

2 min

  • Agenda Review and Approval of minutes 
Judith Fleenor
2 min
  • New Membership review 

5 min
  • Action Items Update: 
    Creation of Criteria for Steering Committee Membership
    Creation of a Process for Code of Conduct Violations
Judith Fleenor
2 min
  • End of Year Members Survey and member SC renewals

5 min
  • Governance Stack Working Group approved deliverables - for review

30 min
  • Guest Speaker Nick Mothershaw, Open Identity Exchange (OIX) 
Nick Mothershaw
3 min
  • Upcoming meetings: 
    Next Steering Committee Meeting Oct 19th/20th (APAC) time slot
    Next All Members meeting Oct 20th
    November Steering Committee Special Topic/All Members meeting combined on Nov 17th date changed after meeting to Nov 10th,
Judith Fleenor
2 minLinux Foundation Member Summit

Open Discussion (as time permits)ALL


  • Presentation - Agenda - PDF

  • Guest Presenters Deck,  Nick Mothershaw, OIX

Exhibit A - Meeting Minutes - ToIP Steering Committee - 24 August 2021 - Google Docs.pdf



Minutes Approval

The minutes for the August 24th, 2021 Steering Committee were approved.

Membership approval process no longer needed- Membership review

Judith Fleenor

  • We no longer need to vote in contributing members to ToIP. 
  • The following new members were announced:

    Corporate Contributor Members:
    • NEC Corporation  
    • metaMe and The Internet.Foundation
    • Portable Data Corporation JLINC
    • Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
    • Cornell University Marketing Economics Department 
    • Confluence Partners, LLC  
    • Hospitality Technology Network, LLC
    • Condatis

Individual Contributor Members:

    • Chris Kelly
    • Kalin Nicolov

Action Item Updates:
Judith Fleenor reviewed the action items from previous meeting.

  • Creation of Criteria for Steering Committee Membership
    Wenjing Chu and Karl Kneis are still working on this and will report back later
  • Creation of Process for Code of Conduct Violations
    A team to create this is still needed, Judith Fleenorwill reach out to SC members to see who in their organization would be able to give guidance.

New Business:
Judith Fleenor suggested that we do an end of year member survey and asked who would like to be involved in creating that. 
The following people raised their hands.  Drummond Reed Wenjing Chu 
Steve McCown

Judith Fleenor informed everyone to expect to receive their member renewal notice from LF.  If anyone has questions or wishes to discuss their renewal please reach out to Judith.  Judith Fleenor also said that she would like to have one on one conversations with each SC between now and the end of the year to hear their prospectives.

Governance Stack Working Group approved deliverables

Judith Fleenorgave an update on the status of the Governance Stack Working Group Deliverables

Scott Perry and Drummond Reed the Co Chairs for the Governance Stack working group have submit the following working group deliverables for Steering Committee review:

  • ToIP Governance Framework Matrix and Companion Guide.
    Working Group Approved on September 22, 2021
  • ToIP Trust Assurance and Certification Controlled Document and Template and Companion Guide
    Working Group Approved on August 26, 2021
  • ToIP Trust Criteria Matrix Template and Companion Guide
    Working Group Approved on September 9, 2021

After the 7 Day Review Period, if there are no objections or comments they will be put forward for Steering Committee approval
via email or at the Oct. 19th/20th SC meeting.

Guest Presentation

Nick Mothershaw, Chief Identity Strategist, Open Identity Exchange gave a presentation on the the revised OIX Trust Frameworks Guide

After the presentation the following question were asked:
 (Listen to recording, until discussion points can be added to the Wiki.)

Upcoming Meetings

Judith Fleenor reviewed the upcoming meetings, noting that several dates have been changed to avoid conflict with IIW and US Holidays:

  • Next Steering Committee Meeting October 19th/20th (Slot B)  9pm PT

Please plan to attend - several deliverable up for approval and review

  • Next All Members Meeting October 20th (date changed due to IIW)
    Working group updates and IIW review

  • November Steering Committee Plenary will be November 2nd/3rd (Slot B)  9pm PT
    May be IWG-GHP Working Group Deliverables to be approved.  If not may be cancelled.

  • November All Members Meeting and SC Special topic meeting will be combined and scheduled for November 17th 
    the planned date changed after 
    meeting to Nov 10th at 10am PT
    Topic:  Beyond Credential Exchange,  a broader discussion of Layer 3 protocols that are beyond credential exchange, especially in financial transactions and how to govern money flow. (And might even live above in Layer 4.)

  • Due to the change of date above, the Nov. 17th Plenary will happen and it will be to discuss the 2022 budget.

Linux Foundation Member Summit

Judith Fleenor reminded everyone about the LF Members Summit and asked anyone who is planning on attending to email her so that we can plan a meal or drinks together sometime during the summit.

  • Linux Foundation Member Summit  Nov. 2-4, 2021
    Silverado Resort, Napa Valley, CA

  • Event is by invite only, as Steering Committee members, we can get you a code if you’d like one and haven’t already received one.  SC please contact Judith Fleenor if you need the code.

Open Discussion

There was no open discussion.

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