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DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
27 Oct 2020Drummond Reed2020-10-26 CTWG Meeting Notes
30 Oct 2020Daniel Hardman2020-10-26 CTWG Meeting Notes
30 Oct 2020Drummond Reed2020-10-26 CTWG Meeting Notes
  • Sovrin
    • "Principles of SSI" under finalization, to be officially released soon, support from other Utilities appreciated
2020-11-24 Meeting Page
  • BP0011-Recommendations for creating and managing a Public Identity Utility
2020-11-24 Meeting Page
  • Drafting v1 of three BP documents based on feedback from interviews with decentralized identity utility conveners/providers
2020-11-24 Meeting Page
  • Lissi is a project run by Main Incubator (Commerzbank subsidiary), Main Incubator is leading "SSI for Germany" (SSI4DE) consortium, SSI4DE launched IDunion Hyperledger Indy network (currently test mode)
2020-11-24 Meeting Page
  • Vinod Panicker confirmed in prep meeting that KOB is planning a Utility, KOB seeking ways to govern Utilitiy without legal entity
Vinod Panicker2020-11-24 Meeting Page
  • Scott Perry will check with Corda regarding their identity roadmap (Corda is Sovrin Steward), Mathieu Glaude will send info to Scott
Scott Perry2020-11-24 Meeting Page
  • None
2020-11-24 Meeting Page

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