February 24, 2023


  • Judith Fleenor
  • John Jordan
  • Dan Bachenheimer
  • Wenjing Chu
  • Drummond Reed
  • Scott Perry
  • Kaliya Young


5 min

BLOG Updates and Approvals

  1. How Do Humans Trust BLOG
  2. Interaction Patterns New Task Force BLOG
  3. Design Principle BLOGs
15 minLF Digital Trust Initiative (a marketing initiative)  content development
10 minWikipedia Page Development 
10 minNIST 800-63-4 ToIP Comments and Unified Decentralized Identity cover
5 minEvent participation updates and discussion
5 min

Video Content

  1. Outline for Steering Committee members to follow

1 minWebpage Updates

Open DiscussionAll

Action Items Updates and On Hold Items




Communications Committee - Agenda 022423.pptx


BLOG Updates and Approvals:

A Conversation with Judith Fleenor, the ToIP Foundation New Executive Director-Posted Feb 14th

ToIP Joins Open Wallet Foundation as Associate Member - Posted February 24, 2023

How Do Humans Trust BLOG - Guest BLOG Post from Scott Perry - If anyone has any comments please make those comments on the link below: 

Blog Link 

BLOG series on our Design Principles (Wenjing Chu) - Wenjing with draft the initial blog and Judith will assist in getting it out to the group for review.  

LF Digital Trust Initiative:

LF has agreed to create a special page/web presence on their main LF Website to elevate all the projects that LF has that are focused on different aspects of Digital Trust.

The main goal are:
-To tell the story of how LF is actively involved in the creation of the future of  Digital Trust and has had projects working on various aspects for years. 
-To help eliminate confusion in the market about what various projects are working on and how they fit together, and thus help drive participation in projects by the correct parties.  A map, so to speak, of the landscape.  

We have an opportunity to influence the narrative, but involved us thinking about it and writing.

-Initial meetings to discuss this have included Hyperledger, OWF, DIF, and ToIP… though other projects are proposed to be included such as, FINOS, CCC, C2PA, Dizme, OpenMetaverse Foundation…

-NOTE: this is LF project centric, and not a map of the entire Identity and DIgital Trust landscape. 

-LF is suggesting a web presence embedded in the main LF website. 

-Initial conversations have been around creating graphic of the projects and what each is working on, sort of a road map to help the market understand the landscape.

-We started trying to whiteboard, and realized it is like a 4 dimensional game of chess that we are trying to articulate.

-We then created a spreadsheet to at least start to self identify what projects are work on what. 

-Hart Montgomery from Hyperledger and Judith Fleenor from ToIP meet with their graphic/marketing expert on Friday to give her the high vision, and she felt we were going in the right direction.

Next Steps and Input needed:
-Complete the spreadsheet
-Draft content for the Web Page. 
Future Steps:
-Turnover, initial information to LF Marketing to do the creative elements.
-Review and Iterate
-Target - completing content by end of March 
Create a Launch Plan
-Any Press - LF may want to do
-Announcement Centered around an event OSS North America and EIC
-Target full launch first week of May or end of April.

Document: Earning Digital Trust: Decision-Making for Trustworthy Technologies: Link

Wikipedia Page:

Schellman, steering committee member, has kindly offered to help create ToIP a Wikipedia page. 
Kaylan Eastepp, using information found, has created a draft for us to start from.  It needs to be updated to tell our story more effectively, but also must have resources backup to reference that will be accepted by Wikipedia.  
We need some volunteers with a strong knowledge of ToIP, to help edit it so that we can get a presence on Wikipedia. 

ToIP Wiki Page: Link

NIST 800-63-4 Comment :

Comments due by March 24th
Comment to be delivered via template: 
Here is the link for NIST 800-63 comments:
- The docs https://csrc.nist.gov/publications/detail/sp/800-63/4/draft
- The spreadsheet for the comments: https://csrc.nist.gov/csrc/media/Publications/sp/800-63/4/draft/documents/sp800-63-4-suite-ipd-comment-template.xlsx   
Unified Response.  Suggested, each organization creates their own spreadsheet, and then we create a Unified Cover Letter, for all the spreadsheets.  DIF is in alignment with this concept.

Action Item: Scott and Dan assigned to this project (NIST 800-63-4 Comment) to come up with a plan with what needs to be done and to come back to the next communication meeting with the recommendation. 

Event Participation Discussion:

Judith proposed three session for 2023 ECI ToIP, two accepted
-Defining the protocol for internet-scale digital trust (Panel - Bryn, Drummond, Dan, Andre)
-Decentralized Identity - Why’s it all the rage?  - Promoted to Thursday Evening Keynote

Identiverse call for submission proposal put in for three sessions.
-None of our proposals were accepted

What other events do you think we should target a ToIP submission in 2023?
-Identity Week Europe - Amsterdam - June 13 & 14th
-Identity Week US - DC - October 3rd & 4th - Talk to Fiona Watson program designer (and Molly) today
-Identity Week APAC -
-Authenticate Oct 16-18th  2023 Call for Speakers received Yesterday - Due by March 31st.
-Infosec World - Sept 25th - 27th - Received call for submission today - due Monday. 

Can someone update the Event Wiki page? Industry Events

Current Action Items:

Action Item: Scott Perry and Daniel Bachenheimer assigned to this project (NIST 800-63-4 Comment) to come up with a plan with what needs to be done and to come back to the next communication meeting with the recommendation. 

Action Items from previous meetings:

  • Past Action Item: Drummond Reed Wenjing Chu Daniel Bachenheimer to work on the Blog becoming an Associate Sponsor member of the Open Wallet Foundation. Link
  • Past Action Item: Drummond Reed to edit the blog post "Trust over IP Foundation Announces Judith Fleenor as New Executive Director. Adding "Judith is continuing her role as the Director of Strategic Engagement and John Jordan will continue as the Chair of Trust over IP. Once editing is complete Drummond Reed to send to Judith and John for review then send to the committee final approval then the blog will be posted. 
  • Past Action Item: Wenjing Chu to send Judith Fleenor his past presentation video in order for ToIP to get it up on the website. 
  • Past Action Item: Scott Perry to send Judith Fleenor the video he presented to the group. Scott Perry to also send Judith Fleenor the questions he asked in an email in order for Judith Fleenor to take the action to bring something back to the steering committee in the next meeting. 
  • Past Action Item:  Drummond Reed to drive the efforts to put together a post recap Dubin blog, via email the following week
  • Past Action Item:  Judith Fleenor to follow up with Jim St.Clair (and Daniel Bachenheimer) on the GHP History to replace the GHP current content. 
  • Past Action Item:  Add logo content to website and GitHub 
  • Past Action Item:  Judith Fleenor to recruit a resource to create a table tent with the ToIP Steering Committee and General members logo 
  • Past Action Item:  Judith Fleenor to recruit a resource to create the QR code for more information
  • Past Action Item:  Ajay Madhok to initiate the video content 
  • Past Action Item:  Elisa Trevino to cancel the Communication Committee meetings on September 16 and 30. 
  • Past Action Item:  Scott Perry and David Lucatch volunteered to work on Trademark registration recommendations.
  • Past Action Item: Daniel Bachenheimersaid help with a BLOG about mDL and VCs.
  • Past Action Item: Judith Fleenorto coordinate with Kaliya Youngand Chris Kelly about Cross Collaboration on papers and communications after Thanksgiving.
  • Past Action Item:  Alex Metcalf to post the discussion papers these to LinkedIn
  • Past Action Item: Ajay Madhok create an editorial calendar review/outline a strategy of the efforts for ToIP video content
  • Past Action Item: Alex Walz to provide recommendation on video content material for multi-use purpose.
  • Past Action Item: Judith Fleenor asked Alex to work on the Editorial Calendar and he mentioned that he can prioritize this in October.