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Main Goal of this Meeting:

Share news of the establishment of the Interoperability Working Group for Good Health Pass and updates on progress of deliverables.


5 minWelcome
Antitrust Policy Notice
Introduction of New Members
5 mins

NEWS: general community updates relevant to the GSWG

AllSee Notes below
10 min

WG Liaison Reports

WG Liaisons
20 mins

GSWG Task Force Reports

TF Leads
  1. Deliverable Status
  2. Assistance Needed
10 minsSpecial Topic(s)TBD
  • Opening for another vice chair 
5 mins

Planning for Upcoming Meetings
Review of Decisions and Action Items / Closing




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  1. Welcome
    1. Linux Foundation antitrust policy
      1. updates about the new JDF5 coming up in 2 weeks—starting April 9 members will no longer need to explicitly sign a new DocuSign in order to join a WG
    2. Introduction of new members
      1. Mathieu Glaude (Northern Block) - a liaison to UFWG
      2. Savita Farooqi (IEEE P2145 - Blockchain Governance) - there are 2 sub-groups (from Thomas Cox - The subgroups of IEEE P2145 are:
        1. Interoperability
        2. Lexical standards (nomenclature)
        3. Reputation
      3. Savita said they are also planning a Maturity Model and a Process Model
  2. News — general community updates relevant to the GSWG
    1. The ToIP Steering Committee has approved a new WG formally called the Interoperability Working Group for Good Health Pass (note that the wiki page named was shortened to "Good Health Pass WG")
      1. Nine Drafting Groups (DGs) — all open to all ToIP members
      2. One of the nine will be on the Good Health Pass Ecosystem Governance Framework
      3. Multiple DGs will involve GSWG input
        1. Please note email from David Luchuk on all-members list about signing the Charter
        2. Tight deadlines, large scale and a focus on drafting content
    2. CTWG Glossary and Tooling update — Drummond Reed
      1. Agreement has been reached on developing open source code for providing a 'terminology service' (as a shared resource) to enable input and harmonization of terms contributed
    3. DP0034 work - trust and transitivity (from Thomas Cox)
      1. being handled via a Google Doc; to be available in markdown format in the coming 2 weeks (approximately)
  3. WG Liaison Reports

    1. Technology Stack WG — Drummond Reed
      1. Work continues on the "Big 4" as described on the Introduction to ToIP wiki page
    2. Utility Stack WG - Mathieu Glaude
      1. The UFWG has developed 'stories' through information discovery process and document the learning from the discussion with existing Layer 1 projects. Items are in the GItHub repository
      2. Als working on best practices for decentralization
    3. Ecosystem Foundry WG — Steve Magennis
      1. Karl Kneis - revisiting the 'stack' to handle representations of Semantics and also HX
  4. GSWG Task Force Reports
    1. ToIP Stack Design Principles TF — Victor GolubkovDrummond Reed
      1. Exploring the concepts around 'trust' (wet/dry) in context of modern IT architecture and dualism (inspired from physics) of trust - Victor Golubkov suggests review of the content would be a good thing to do
        1. Mary Lacity - We define trust as the degree to which X trusts Y in regards to Z. Trust (X:Y:Z) X may be an individual, organization, or collective; Y may be an individual, organization, or collective; institutional safeguards, or an IT artifact (machine);

          Z may indicate specific types of trust like integrity, accuracy, competency, benevolence, or reliability; or a comprehensive assessment of trust; or a general assessment of trust.

        2. Thomas Cox See also Trust in leadership: A multi-level review and integration C. Shawn Burke
    2. Governance Architecture TF — Drummond Reed
      1. This is still in the wiki page drafting stage but is growing even more mature.
      2. In the ToIP governance metamodel:
        1. Scott Perryjust added a new section to the Primary Document called "Scope"
        2. Drummond Reedrefined the requirements of Core Policies
    3. Process and Roles TF — Scott Perry
      1. Is current examining the completeness of this document against the PCTF (Ken Adler and Tim Bouma are engaged in this)
    4. Trust Assurance TF - Scott Perry
      1. First meeting coming up; already on ToIP Calendar
  5. Special topic(s)
    1. sankarshan will be stepping down soon and invites another volunteer as vice chair
  6. Planning for Upcoming Meetings
    1. Special Topic
      1. Thomas Cox will be looking at showcasing work at IEEE P2145 across the sub-groups (see above)
        1. needs to be on the calendar
      2. UFWG + GSWG - examine the topics around governance frameworks for Layer 1 utilities
      3. Mary Lacity - Concepts/Definition of Trust (Drummond's suggestion to examine ToIP concepts in light of this)
    2. Next Plenary
  7. Review of Decisions and Action Items
    1. Principles of SSI deliverable - to be approved via the mailing list


  • Next GSWG special topic meeting on April 8th will feature Thomas Cox and Savita Farooqi showcasing work at IEEE P2145

Action Items

  • Drummond Reedto update the GSWG meeting page with the next special topic meeting
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