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The purpose of the GSWG Governance Architecture Task Force (GATF) is to draft a TSS (ToIP Standard Specification) that defines the standard requirements for all ToIP-compatible governance frameworks regardless of their level in the ToIP stack. Note: this is the counterpart to the ToIP Technical Architecture TSS deliverable from the TSWG Technical Architecture Task Force.


  1. ToIP Governance Architecture TSS—a specification of the overall layer-independent requirements that any ToIP-compliant governance framework must meet. The original Pre-Draft Deliverable is here (Google doc format), however this is now superseded by the wiki page draft.
    1. Note that one sub-component of this TSS is the ToIP Governance Metamodel, which has its own dedicated wiki page.


Please add your name to this list if you wish to be a chair:

  • Drummond Reed, Evernym
  • Scott Perry, SSPCPA


Please add your name to this list in any desired role:

Meeting Schedule

This TF schedules meetings as needed. Each meeting will be announced on the GSWG mailing list and the #gswg-gov-architecture-tf Slack channel.


Key milestones will include, but are not limited to:

  1. ToIP Governance Architecture TSS
    1. First Draft — 30 November 2020
    2. Second Draft — 31 December 2020
    3. Final Draft — 31 January 2020

Task List

This table is the ongoing task list maintained by the TF members.

TaskDescriptionDue DateVolunteers
Draft ToIP governance metamodelDraft proposed text for metamodel section of the ToIP Governance Architecture TSSMid-October
Draft balance of the ToIP Governance Architecture TSSPrepare text to go into the GitHub version of the spec when the repo is readyMid-NovemberDrummond Reed
Prepare GitHub repo and TSS TemplateGet everything ready to begin Markdown editingEnd of November
Complete first draftConsolidate all wiki content into Markdown files, complete any remaining sectionsDec 15
ToIP Member ReviewInternal review across ToIP membershipDec 31

Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright, Patent, Source Code)

As a Task Force (TF) of the Governance Stack WG (GSWG), the GATF inherits the IPR terms from the GSWG JDF Charter. These include:

Mailing List and Communications

This task force uses the following for communications

  • Mailing List: This TF is preparing to set up its own mailing list. Watch this page for details.
  • Slack: This TF has its own dedicated Slack channel: #gswg-gov-architecture-tf

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  1. I got myself freed up from another obligation and will have more time available to help as an editor.