This page describes the GSWG Process and Roles Task Force (the "GSWG P&R TF"). It was created by Scott Perry.


  1. To develop the roles and responsibilities of actors at each of the four layers of the ToIP Governance Stack 
  2. To develop standard processes of roles operating at each of the four layers of the ToIP Governance Stack
  3. To align roles and processes with evolving specifications for the ToIP Technical Stack
  4. To align with schemas and semantics being developed by other WGs of the ToIP Foundation
  5. To standardize process variables for various levels of trust assurance mechanisms


The mission of the ToIP Foundation is to define a complete architecture for Internet-scale digital trust that combines cryptographic trust at the machine layer with human trust at the business, legal, and social layers. The ToIP stack has two parallel halves Governance Stack and a Technical Stack operating at four layers 1) Utility (DLT Blockchain) Layer, 2) Provider (Agent/Wallet) Layer, 3) Credential (Issuer/Verifier/Holder) Layer and 4) Ecosystem (Application) Layer.  See further details in the ToIP white paper and the ToIP RFC.

As one of the first four Working Groups, the mission of the Governance Stack WG is to fully define the ToIP Governance Stack.

The mission of this Task Force is to further develop the roles and processes identified in the initial ToIP RFC. The goal is to establish generally accepted roles, responsibilities and processes that apply to actors participating in each of the four layers of the ToIP stack.


  1. Scott Perry, Scott S. Perry CPA PLLC

Membership and Joining

Prior to participating in the meetings please ensure that you are a member of the Trust Over IP Foundation. More detail on this can be found at this link.

To join at the Contributor Member level, there is no charge, and you do not need to join the Linux Foundation.

  • If you wish to join as a Contributor Member only, please see these documents.
  • If your organization is already a member of The Linux Foundation please see these documents

To join this TF, add your name and your expected role to this list:

  • Primary Editors
  • Secondary Editors (includes those who will ensure deliverables meet ToIP specifications)
  • Primary Reviewers
  • Secondary Reviewers

  • Observers


The GSWG P&R Task Force intends to create robust definitions of roles, responsibilities and processes that actors will operate at all four levels of the ToIP stack.  The focus will be on governance and operational processes—definitions will only touch upon technical processes as needed for clarity.  This Task Force will not focus on technical interoperability (deferring to the Technical Stack Working Group).  These definitions are critical for consistently applying governance principles across all four ToIP layers. 

Key deliverables will include, but are not limited to:

  1. ToIP Roles and Responsibilities Definitions
  2. ToIP Governance Layer Process Definitions

Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright, Patent, Source Code)

As a Task Force (TF) of the Governance Stack WG (GSWG), the GSWG P&R TF inherits the IPR terms from the GSWG JDF Charter. These include:


Key milestones will include, but are not limited to:

  1. Formation of Task Force Group members
  2. Finalizing and evangelizing TF objectives
  3. Drafting of ToIP Roles and Responsibilities Definitions document
  4. Drafting of ToIP Governance Layer Process Definitions document

The work of the GSWG P&R TF will be complete when final drafts of both deliverables are submitted to the GSWG.


As this TF will establish generally accepted roles, responsibilities and processes of the ToIP Governance Stack, it will need to work with a variety of other ToIP task forces and working groups to align definitions and deliverables.  They include, but not limited to:

  • Technical Stack Working Groups
  • Decentralized Semantics Working Group
  • Ecosystem Foundry Working Group
  • Utility Foundry Working Group
  • Concept and Technology Working Group
  • Trust Assurance Task Force

Meeting Schedule

Kickoff: Thursday July 30, 2020 11:00PDT (18:00 UTC)

On-going meetings:  11:30AM Pacific Time, every other Wednesday.

Mailing List and Communications

This task force uses the following for communications

  • Mailing List: The Task Force will explore whether to set up a dedicated mailing list or use the Governance Stack WG mailing list. 
  • Slack: The TF has its own dedicated Slack channel: #gswg-process-and-roles-tf


  1. Please, add me to this TF.

    Thank you!

    Victor Syntez

    1. Scott Perry FYI. Victor Golubkov - please join the Slack channel as this TF intends to use that forum extensively for discussions and management of the work.