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Meeting Date



Main Goal of this Meeting:

Update GSWG members on the status of deliverables from our Task Forces and encourage engagement in completing our Q1 deliverables.


5 minWelcome
Antitrust Policy Notice
Introduction of New Members
Drummond Reed
5 mins

NEWS: general community updates relevant to the GSWG


Good Health Pass TF has been kicked off.

DIZMEID Announcement: 

Linux Foundation Announces DizmeID Foundation to Develop and Enable a Self-Sovereign Identity Credential Network

Driven by Linux but little is known by the group

10 min

WG Liaison Reports

WG Liaisons

Technology Stack Deliverables are moving.

UFWG - working on Indy DID method from W3C.  DID Spec registries./ extension properties included.  Consolidating on one Indy DID method.

EFWG - Steve M. making interviews with Foundry Candidates

15 mins

GSWG Task Force Reports

TF Leads
  1. Deliverable Status Stack Design - joint w/ TSWG has a TF # and Wiki page - Single deliverable - in Development.
  2. Assistance Needed - Review and edit the Principles document.  Need to schedule in-person meeting later part of next week.
  3. Governance Architecture TF - GitHub markup has been established for Metamodel.  Need to finalize document.
10 minsPreparing for special meeting with Alison McDowell of the
UK Dept for Digital Culture, Media, and Sports on their
Alpha Trust Framework
Scott Perry

See this Google doc version of the Alpha Trust Framework
(thanks to sankarshan)

5 minsWhite papersDrummond Reed
5 mins

Planning for Upcoming Meetings

5 minsReview of Decisions and Action Items / ClosingChairs



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  1. Welcome
    1. Linux Foundation antitrust policy
    2. Introduction of new members
    3. Agenda review
  2. News — general community updates relevant to the GSWG
  3. WG Liaison Reports

    1. Technology Stack WG
    2. Utility Stack WG
    3. Ecosystem Foundry WG
      1. The Good Health Pass Governance Task Force wiki page is now live. Weekly meetings are expected to begin in mid-March.
  4. GSWG Task Force Reports
    1. ToIP Stack Design Principles TF — Drummond Reed
      1. This document is now in active development as a Google doc — you can begin reviewing and commenting
      2. Thomas Coxvolunteered to work on Trust and Transitivity
    2. Governance Architecture TF — Drummond Reed  
      1. Status check—is this document is ready to begin editing on GitHub?
      2. Kalyan Kulkarnianswered that it was, and thus is awaiting further input from the GSWG members.
    3. Process and Roles TF — Scott Perry
      1. The definitions of the roles were handed off to a small group (Scott Perry , Tim Bouma, Ken Adler ) to develop a more rigorous definition of the roles.
      2. The group was waiting on the next release of the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (and its Assessment Workbook).
      3. Now that it has been released, the small group is doing a gap analysis vs. the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework roles.
      4. The Pan-Canadian Trust Framework is "skewed" more towards identity that the ToIP stack.
  5. Preparing for special meeting with Alison McDowell of the UK Dept for Digital Culture, Media, and Sports on their Alpha Trust Framework — Scott Perry
    1. See this Google doc version of the Alpha Trust Framework (thanks to sankarshan) that we can mark up with comments
    2. Nicky Hickmanmade the initial introduction
    3. They have an open comment period through the middle of March
    4. Scott Perrycontacted Alison to discuss feedback
    5. Our feedback meeting with UK DCMS is scheduled for 08 Monday 2021 at 09:00-10:00 PT / 17:00-18:00 UTC (see the ToIP Calendar Page for more info). 
    6. Scott Perry shared the Google doc version to show the different areas where ToIP members are already commenting.
    7. Both Scott Perry and sankarshan have already done a preliminary review.
    8. Scott Perry has created a preliminary deck here _______________ (need link) for our feedback 
    9. Scott Perry will give specific feedback relative to trust assurance, but we also want to provide any other feedback
    10. There is a prep meeting next Wednesday at 7:00AM - 8:30AM PT to discuss our feedback prior to the meeting with UK DCMS on Monday 
    11. There is a Slack channel: #uk-trust-framework-consultation - please join for discussion of potential feedback
    12. Bryn Robinson-Morgan(who lives in the UK) worked with the UK government on the Verify trust framework and will provide feedback
  6. White papers
    1. Decentralized SSI Governance (Rieks Joosten)
      1. Reiks is seeking a GSWG member to help him hold a special topic call on this paper to discuss how it could be published as a ToIP white paper.
    2. Introduction to ToIP (V2 of the original white paper)
      1. Recruiting GSWG members who want to work on this once the other "Big 4" deliverables are ready.
  7. Planning for Upcoming Meetings
    1. NA/EU Plenary
    2. APAC Plenary
    3. Special Topic
  8. Review of Decisions and Action Items


  • Our next special topic meeting will be on GSWG white papers and the EFWG White Paper Task Force will be invited as special guests.

Action Items

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