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Meeting Date



Main Goal of this Meeting:

To review new Working Draft deliverables to prepare to approve them as Working Group Approved Deliverables.


5 min
  • Start recording
  • Welcome
  • Antitrust Policy Notice: Attendees are reminded to adhere to the meeting agenda and not participate in activities prohibited under antitrust and competition laws. Only members of ToIP who have signed the necessary agreements are permitted to participate in this activity beyond an observer role.
  • Introduction of New Members
  • Agenda review
5 mins

NEWS: general community updates relevant to the GSWG

5 mins

WG Liaison Reports

WG Liaisons
5 mins

GSWG Task Force Reports

TF Leads
  1. Deliverable Status
  2. Assistance Needed
35 minsDeliverables: The following Working Drafts developed by the Trust Assurance Task Force and are being submitted for approval as Working Group Approved Deliverables:
Scott Perry
5 mins

Planning for next meeting
Review of decisions and action items



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  1. Welcome
    1. Linux Foundation antitrust policy
    2. Introduction of new members
      1. Nicky Hickman joined our call for the first time.
        1. She has been active in the Ecosystem Foundry WG and the Human Experience WG for months now.
        2. Now she is working on the YOMA governance framework which is a Task Force under the Ecosystem Foundry WG.
        3. YOMA = Youth Marketplace = Digital trust ecosystem 
        4. This is trying out a new approach she is called "lean governance". = using a domain specific modelling language developed by (TOOL), a Lean governance METHOD with an adapative risk management METHODOLOGY (working with
        5. Meetings are every 2 weeks on a Tuesday at 9am EDT on the following zoom link:  (see the ToIP Calendar for details)9am EDT = 14.00 London = 15.00 CET = 6am PT = 18.30 India,   Our slack channel 
    3. Agenda review
  2. News — general community updates relevant to the GSWG
    1. We are hopefully getting close to release of the Good Health Pass Interoperability Blueprint.
    2. A new project called PCDS (Product Circularity Data System) is being proposed, starting as a EFWG Task Force.
  3. WG Liaison Reports

    1. Technology Stack WG
    2. Utility Stack WG
    3. Ecosystem Foundry WG
      1. Savita gave a wonderful report on IEEE P2145 Blockchain Governance
      2. DIZME presentation that includes value exchange and incentives
        1. Savita noted that the more value exchange and incentives are involved, the more trust assurance is needed
  4. GSWG Task Force Reports
    1. ToIP Stack Design Principles TF — Drummond Reed noted that there will be a meeting of this TF next week to advance the current Google doc to produce a complete first draft
    2. Governance Architecture TF — Drummond Reed gave a status report that the ToIP Governance Architecture TSS, the ToIP Governance Metamodel TSS, and the ToIP Governance Metamodel Companion Guide. All are getting close to completion. The main additional work is on the Companion Guide. Once that is ready, this should be ready for community review.
    3. Trust Assurance TF — Scott gave a short update about the deliverables currently in the pipeline. The main two for today's meeting are below.
  5. Deliverables: The following Working Drafts developed by the Trust Assurance Task Force and are being submitted for approval as Working Group Approved Deliverables:
    • Trust Assurance and Certification Controlled Document Template
    • Trust Assurance Companion Guide
    • Scott Perry provided a walk-through of both of these documents.
    • We discussed this key point in section 1.5.2 of the first document:
      • "All governance frameworks operate within a milieu of risk.  The risk assessment process is intended to consider all relevant risks and systematically analyze and triage them into a manageable set.  Whereas there are a variety of risk treatment options, the main purpose of a governance framework is to convey risk mitigation requirements to reduce risk to an acceptable level (mitigations are not intended to eliminate all risk)."
    • We also discuss LOA (level of assurance) and how it can be applied contextually where it is needed.
    • Scott also ran through the Companion Guide.
    • Next steps: this meeting is the call for WG review of these two deliverables for all WG members.
  6. Planning for next meeting
  7. Review of Decisions and Action Items
    1. Scott Perry and Victor Golubkov to update the names and links to all the deliverables on the GSWG home page.
    2. Scott Perry to send out an official call for review to GSWG members for a 7-day review period, to then be followed by a call for consensus on the Trust Assurance and Certification Controlled Document Template and the Trust Assurance Companion Guide
    3. Drummond Reed to set up a meeting next week for the Design Principles of the ToIP Stack and the Introduction to ToIP White Paper V2.


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Action Items

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