This page provides links to important and helpful information regarding account setup within Confluence, GitHub and our Google Drive.  

Membership Support

LF ID - Create an Account

Create an Account:

  • Navigate to LFX Platform and click Create Community Profile from top right corner of the page
  • You can also create account from Sign In page. Click Create an Account on Sign in page.
  • On Create Your LF Account page, enter your first name, last name, email address, username, password, and click on Create Account CTA button
  • You will receive an email verification at the email address you provided with the link to verify your email. If you don't receive the email, click on Resend Email CTA button.
  • Check your inbox for The Linux Foundation: Create Account email and open it. Click on Verify Email CTA button. 
  • Once you click on the link, you will be redirected to the Sign In page of the Linux Foundation service you are trying to access. Your email and password will be auto-populated from the account creation step.
  • Verify your information and click on Sign In CTA button. You will be navigated to the Linux Foundation service you are trying to access. 

Confluence Setup

GitHub Setup

  • Joining ToIP GitHub here:
  • Email Michelle Janata (mjanata@llinuxfoundation.orgto be added directly to our GitHub Repository; provide GitHub handle
  • Submit a Pull Request
  • Repositories:
    • acdc
    • tt
    • CTWG-toolkit-mrg
    • TechArch
    • tswg
    • CTWG-tev2
    • tswg-acdc-specification
    • hxwg
    • toip
    • ctwg
    • essiflab
    • concepts-and-terminology-wg
    • tswg-trust-registry-tf
    • yoma
    • specification-template
    • utility-foundry-wg
    • egg-vlei-review
    • TSS0033-technology-stack-acdc
    • mega
    • gswg
    • ghp-paper-creds
    • deliverables
    • WP0035-decentralized-resource-identifiers
    • qr-code-spec
    • medics-material
    • ghp
    • terms-repo-template
    • keri
    • IG0029-utility-project-guide
    • WP0010-toip-foundation-whitepaper
    • TIP0028-saturn-v
    • CTWG-sandbox
    • TSS0001-governance-stack
    • TSS0013-layer3-interop-spec
    • TSS0012-layer2-interop-spec
    • spec-up
    • TSS0011-layer1-Interop-spec
    • WP0020-digital-trust-marketplace-faq
    • TSS0001-governance-stack
    • TSS0002-technology-stack
    • next-deliverable-num
    • nimble-ecosystem
    • technology-stack-wg
    • governance-stack-wg
    • SC
    • admin
    • logo-assets
    • ecosystem-foundry-wg

Google Drive

  • New Members will be added to our Google Shared Drive by Michelle Janata when new membership agreements are received. You will receive an email notification that you've been added to the workspace. 
  • New Members who are part of existing organizations, please email Michelle Janata ( directly to initiate this process.
  • Google Shared Drive here

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