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Neil Thomson 

Kent Bull 

Scott Perry 

Carly Huitema 

Steven Milstein 


Savita Farooqui 

Kabir Maiga

Clare Nelson (DIF)

Christine Martin 

Gene Quinn

Alex Bainbridge

Main Goal of this Meeting

Getting a sense of what each person wants from this meeting, find volunteer(s) to chair this task force,

Agenda Items and Notes (including all relevant links)

TimeAgenda ItemLeadNotes
5 min
  • Start recording
  • Welcome & antitrust notice
  • Introduction of new members
  • Agenda review
  • Antitrust Policy Notice: Attendees are reminded to adhere to the meeting agenda and not participate in activities prohibited under antitrust and competition laws. Only members of ToIP who have signed the necessary agreements are permitted to participate in this activity beyond an observer role.
  • New Members:
5 minsReview of action items from previous meetingChairs
5 minsAnnouncementsTF Leads

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20 minsSpecial topic #1

15 minsSpecial topic #2

5 minsAny other business

5 mins
  • Review decisions/action items
  • Planning for next meeting 



  • Need someone to step up and chair this task force as I am a part of a number of different task forces.
  • Meeting focused around introductions, getting a sense of what each person wants from this meeting.
  • Task forces are oriented around actions.
  • Meeting today focused on orientation and understanding, what the objectives would be in this task force.
  • Web Trust Auditor by Trade (audits entities on the internet who issue credentials, X.509 credentials)
    That structure will not satisfy the consumer demand for trust on the internet.
  • Involved at an early stage for using cryptography in an alternative way to create decentralized trust.
  • Met Drummond Reed and others who introduced me to the governance side.
    Are working with new ecosystems to create governance standards including ecosystem governance frameworks.
  • Reason we created this working groups came out of conversations wanted to learn how we would advise ecosystems coming to look for guidance regarding how they could set up governance.
    There have been efforts to come up with a mockup that is a demonstratable, fully-formed architecture so that ecosystems can come and view what they need to do based on a mock up, an example use case.
    So, over the last two years this has morphed into a number of different activities to try to create what is called the Museum Pass.
    The name has stuck.
  • My hope that we can take the thoughts here and work to completion to fully describe the Museum Pass to such a way that outside parties can look at it and demonstrate how it works and that it is something they want.
  • Based in Seattle Washington area.

Kent: Question - is the ultimate output of this group working software using a reference architecture?

Scott: We come at this from the perspective of a customer and, yes, move through each part of the workflow that a user would go through 

Neil Thomson:

  • background in business analytics, involved for authentication and authorization regarding business intelligence. 
  • Steven and Neil are co-chairs of ToIP Data Modeling group.


  • housekeeping item that all members here are ToIP members and are also applied to the working group sponsoring this (Governance Working Group)
  • We use 

Tony Sandler

  • Sales, marketing, business development. Startup I worked on became official tourist app in London. First guys in the world doing e-ticketing in the Tower of London.
  • British as you can tell from the accent.
  • Approached this from the knowledge and experience side of things, not as much the governance.


  • we can allow this call to go in whatever direction makes sense

Clare Nelson (DIF):

  • New executive director for DIF. I want to echo that the business and technical aspects are very important.
    I focus on cleanup at DIF, primarily two things: education and making it easy for developers.
  • Telling the rest of the world is a challenge. If we are climbing Mt. Everest we are at the base camp.
  • Recruiting developer advocates to make it easier to work in this space.
  • My roots in the industry are cybersecurity. Once you have a stack and people start to implement it then you start doing security modeling and in-depth threat analysis.

Carly Huitema

Savita Farooqui

  • Based in Sacramento, California. enterprise web and mobile solutions. Works a lot with government agencies. For last four years have been involved in blockchain governance. Been working with ToIP for the last two years in the governance stack, also with the trust registries work.
  • Worked with Lucy and John on the project that became the global credentialing network. Credential verifications across borders.
  • In Museum Pass I worked with Scott and created use cases from user's perspectives, Registry Operators, and other perspectives.

Gene Quinn

  • co-founder and assisting Nick and Douglas of the hospitality group, travel industry SIG in the DIF. Also a member of ToIP. Trying to focus information on the DIF SIG. Wanted to create continuity between education and healthcare systems.
  • We applied to DIF to create a SIG in 2020 in response to the pandemic. We put a lot of resources into many ideas. Will be debuting free courseware for many of the projects that came through this. One of the projects was the universal profile project. Decentralized Identity is still largely not a part of the technology and marketing departments in travel. We're not here just to observe, we're here to finish off the schema of a lean, virtual credential set that allows all of us to do whatever we want to do, travel, cross-border payment, and so forth. 
  • Background in travel is as an angel investor working with startups and scale ups to help them perform in the web3 economy.

Alex Bainbridge

  • Background is 15-20 years (depending on how you count it) in tracking and museum bookings business. Just sold his company (CMS?), 3 billion revenue, 300 million trips. Right now I'm working on how you use decentralized preferences in taxis and retail attractions. Background is tourism and hospitalities. We're talking about disrupting what I just spent the last 15 years building.
  • this is the DIF group notes
    this is the standards group that currently deals with attraction distribution & bookability

Scott: It's very good to have industry experience here.

Christine Martin:

  • works at Continuum Loop, helping startups. Primarily 15 years in crown corporations, legal, risk management, market intelligence. Working on governance frameworks for clients. Likely will be most helpful in writing, editing, and graphic design. When I was developing the governance framework we ... excited to participate

Steven Milstein

  • In Canada, technical product manager, business analyst. Working with Neil. Governance, if it is truly requirements, needs to come before the technical implementation. We want to get governance to lead the effort since it will live longer than the tech stack.

Kabir Maiga

  • founder and CEO of Passive Bolt. Our focus has been on using SSI for physical access control. Worked in automotive to do physical access control. What we've done in house is built every layer of the technical stack. In house verifiable data registry (custom blockchain). Designed, implemented connection protocols like DIDComm 2, DWN, etc, to establish connections and exchange communications. Designed wallets that are end-user facing that are in the app store today. At the top level we have gone out of our way to create DID-capable access control electronics, to get those things embedded so that anything from turnstyles to hotel locks to work with this. AFAIK we are the first implementation of an SSI-based experience. Hotel guest can connect with the property and get through all the workflows in an automated fashion without surrendering any PII. Using generative AI for the front desk experience. A member of the DIF.


  • Hoping we have an industry person to lead this group. It doesn't take a lot of technical knowledge to lead this group. Very deliverables focused.



  • we need to make sure we are clear of the goal of this task force:

    Standards for the industry
    Example use case


  • Museum Pass is an example, not for future museums to grab. We just happened to pick a relatable example of the Museum Pass.
  • It is not our expectations to build a prototype for a museum. We are creating a representative model.

Kent Bull

  • a coder, looking to lead the technical implementations, currently specializes in KERI and ACDC, would like to see other tech stacks and work towards their implementation.


  • I agree, this is primarily an example of a use case


  • I am willing to lead, though can't do it all, as a matter of bandwidth.


  • We spent a year refining use cases. We had sub-committees working on these use cases. Many of the use cases were not associated with each other.
  • Ran 37 hackathons across the world. I've spent a lot of time as an investor in the space. I've been through this before, though not in the Web 3 space.
  • Gene is in as a moderator, not as a hall monitor.

Alex (from chat)


  • suggest we have a meeting in two weeks.
  • Alex and Kabir stepped up, will get an email from me with an email listing of all the people who came here.
  • We need some structure in next meeting.
  • Next meeting should be about potential deliverables.


  • would like to contribute from the Governance side


  • happy to help with the use cases as well, maybe not the one leading the overall thing, though could help with what he has experience in.


  • looking forward to everyone's contribution


  • are you okay if I email the people on the board at Octo and tell them it's just a demo, a model?
  • Looks like there are things to be smoothed.


  • I am happy help smooth things out.


Screenshots/Diagrams (numbered for reference in notes above)



  • Next meeting will be about deliverables

Action Items

  • Scott will reach out to Kabir, Alex, and Savita for the next meeting, the 25th of April.

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