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  • The TSWG meets bi-weekly on Mondays at 08:00-09:00 PT / 15:00-16:00 UTC. See the ToIP Calendar for meeting times and logistics.

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Main Goals of this Meeting

1) Review Task Force updates, 2) Review progress of the ToIP Technology Architecture Specification Working Draft 03.

Agenda Items and Notes (including all relevant links)

TimeAgenda ItemLeadNotes
3 min
  • Start recording
  • Welcome & antitrust notice
  • Introduction of new members
  • Agenda review
  • Antitrust Policy Notice: Attendees are reminded to adhere to the meeting agenda and not participate in activities prohibited under antitrust and competition laws. Only members of ToIP who have signed the necessary agreements are permitted to participate in this activity beyond an observer role.
  • New Members:
    • Callum Haslam: with the BC Gov Digital Mines team
    • Arun Suresh: from Wipro in India, on his first ToIP call
    • Vitor Pamplona: with the PathCheck Foundation. Representing the WHO work on trust registries.
5 minGeneral announcementsAll

Updates from TSWG members of general interest to the group.

  • Antti Kettunen shared that his company, TietoEvry, has been working on a project called a Verifiable eReceipt. In addition to a normal credential, they are proposing an extension to DID documents to have a service endpoint for a third party. This would allow individuals to have e-receipts sent to a third party such as expense receipts sent to their employer. They are currently evaluating it internally and when its ready, Antti hopes to share it publicly.
    • Drummond Reed shared how excited he was to see this approach applied to expense reports.
    • Darrell O'Donnell shared his enthusiasm to see it applied to warrantees.
  • Judith Fleenor reminded everyone that if you are going to the Linux Foundation Open Source Summit Sept 12-14 in Dublin — or the Hyperledger Global Forum going on at the same time — the ToIP Summit 2022 is taking place Wednesday Sept 14 from 2:00-5:30PM UK. 
    • It will include a ToIP pub night on Wednesday night.
  • Arun wanted to share the project his working on now called KochiOrgBook ( They are in the process of developing use cases right now, and developing for their local ecosystem. It is for associations inside their local jurisdictions.
  • Judith Fleenor also wanted to announce that the Governance Stack WG is starting up a Governance Architecture TF beginning on Sept 7 that will be working on governance framework templates and tools for governance framework components.
2 minReview of Action Items from the previous meetingChairs
  • ACTION: Drummond Reed to remind Elisa Trevino to add a wiki page with instructions about how to get a Confluence account (via an LF account).
  • ACTION: Darrell O'Donnell and Drummond Reed to send a note to Judith Fleenor that biometrics should not be limited to the AIM Task Force—the TSWG (or the ToIP SC) should decide where the topic of biometrics should best be addressed by the ToIP stack.
  • ACTION: Drummond Reed to add the web3 Concept Development Task Force (W3TF) to the TSWG home page and Meeting Page template.
  • ACTION: Darrell O'Donnell and Drummond Reed to meet offline to discuss how best to proceed with advancing the ToIP Technology Architecture Specification over the next two weeks (when Darrell, Wenjing Chu, and several other TATF members will be on vacation) in order to prepare it for a first Public Review Draft to present at the ToIP Summit 2022 on Sept 14 in Dublin.
15 minTask Force ReportsTF Leads

Trust Registry TF — Darrell O'Donnell

  • Darrell again announced to restart the work on the ToIP Trust Registry Protocol Specification beginning in mid-Sept. He welcomes all new inputs and use cases. Darrell will be hosting a webinar in mid-September (21SEP2022 7am PT/10am ET/3pm) and welcomes folks to join to discuss where the early Trust Registry Spec was purposely limited and work is needed to get in much more detail. Reach out to Darrell to discuss - Slack or email (
  • Vitor Pamplona explained the requirements that he has been working on in the WHO work where health data needs to be able to be shared across borders—including across two countries who may be not friendly (or even at war).
  • This work began with the work on COVID credentials, but is now extending to all kinds of immunization records.
  • The approval by W3C of the W3C Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) 1.0 specification has opened the opportunity for using DIDs and various DID methods.
  • Vitor's first task it to figure out how to represent very large collections of keys, e.g., thousands of keys. The need is how to share master lists of keys across multiple DID controllers.
  • One open question is: are DID documents the places to store such master lists of keys?
  • If so, how are those DID documents to be validated?
  • Are there additional specifications needed? Most of Vitor's work will be focused on moving forward any necessary draft specifications.
  • Vitor said that there are conversations happening in the FHIR community to make DIDs the standard for signing FHIR payloads. This could have a massive impact on adoption.
  • If we can help the community navigate through the different technology options.
  • Darrell pointed out that the trigger for WHO to move forward was the formal W3C recommendation. So this opens the question of what standards body we would want to take the ToIP Trust Registry Protocol Specification to, and how quickly that could be done.
  • Antti Kettunen said that it is an advantage to have a spec approved by an international standards org. ISO certainly qualifies.
  • Judith asked Vitor if this is an effort that should be publicized at the ToIP Summit 2022. Vitor believes the effort will be very useful. He said WHO is going to be separating the master list of keys from the rest of the metadata about the issuer. They are specifically focused on the key management portion for use of the ToIP Trust Registry Protocol Spec, while using ESSIF TRAIN for the rest.

ACTION: Judith Fleenor to share an announcement at the ToIP Summit 2022 (Sept 14) of the restart of the Trust Registry Task Force in mid-September.

ACDC TF — Samuel Smith Phil Feairheller 

  • Drummond said that their last meeting was very well attended, but he was only able to attend for a few minutes.

Technology Architecture TFWenjing Chu  Drummond Reed

  • See below.

AI & Metaverse (AIM) Technology TFWenjing Chu Vikas Malhotra 

  • Judith reported that this and next month, this TF is having members do presentations about their interests.
  • Vikas Malhotra who co-chairs the TF reported that the next presentation is from Daniel Bachenheimer at Accenture.
  • Vikas said that they are getting good participation from a wide variety of participants new to ToIP.

Web3 Concept Development TF (W3TF) — Darrell O'Donnell 

  • Darrell reiterated that work on theisTF will begin in mid/late September after the First Public Review Draft of the ToIP Technology Architecture Specification is published.
25 minReview of progress on ToIP Technology Architecture Specification Working Draft 03Drummond Reed 

Here are all the current links for the ToIP Technology Architecture Specification work:

Drummond reported on the following progress on editing Working Draft 03.

  • Appendix A has been added to compile all the normative requirements into a single table.
  • Appendix B has been added to provide an executive summary of the new (planned) document called Evolution of the ToIP Stack.
  • The new Development Tracks diagram (screenshot #1 below) is now included in section 4.
  • Darrell's proposed diagram (screenshot #2 below) is now included in section 6.2.
  • Jo Spencer's diagram (screenshot #3 below) is now included in section 6.3.
  • Section editing and adding of cross-references between all normative requirements and the summary table in Appendix A is now complete through the end of section 7.

Drummond shared that the plan for this week before the next TATF meeting on Aug 25 is:

  1. Finish editing and cross-referencing requirements in the rest of the normative sections (8, 9, 10).
  2. Determine if section 11 is still needed.
  3. Complete drafting section 12 and the closing section on the ToIP Foundation.
  4. Add the rest of the references.
  5. Do a first draft of Appendix B.
  6. Raise any issues on normative requirements (or other key issues) in GitHub.

ACTION: Drummond Reed to arrange a TAS review meeting with Darrell O'Donnell and Wenjing Chu (now that they are back from vacation) prior to the Aug 25 TATF meeting.

ACTION: Drummond Reed to send out an email and post to the TSWG Slack once the ToIP Technology Architecture Specification Working Draft 03 is ready for review.

5 minAny other business

5 min
  • Review decisions/action items
  • Planning for next meeting 

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