Meeting Date

  • See the ToIP Calendar for meeting times and logistics.

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Main Goals of this Meeting

1) Task Force updates (including the new AI & Metaverse TF), 2) Darrell O'Donnell to introduce some potential new Task Forces.

Agenda Items and Notes (including all relevant links)

TimeAgenda ItemLeadNotes
3 min
  • Start recording
  • Welcome & antitrust notice
  • Introduction of new members
  • Agenda review
  • Antitrust Policy Notice: Attendees are reminded to adhere to the meeting agenda and not participate in activities prohibited under antitrust and competition laws. Only members of ToIP who have signed the necessary agreements are permitted to participate in this activity beyond an observer role.
  • New Members:
5 minGeneral announcementsAll

Updates from TSWG members of general interest to the group.

  • Abbie Barbir: Based in Ottawa, Abbie has been in the digital identity space for 20+ years, first with Nortel and then BOA, now with CVS. Very involved with SAML and FIDO — took both to the ITU. Also with the OIDF with trust elevation. Now very focused on decentralized identity. 
2 minsReview of Action Items from the previous meetingChairs
  • ACTION: Wenjing Chu to pick a date and send an announcement email of the kickoff meeting of the AI and Metaverse (AIM) Technology Task Force to the ToIP All-Member mailing list.
  • ACTION: After the first meeting, Wenjing Chu and Vikas Malhotra to prepare a blog post about the launch of the AI and Metaverse (AIM) Technology Task Force.
20 minsTask Force ReportsTF Leads

Trust Registry TF — Darrell O'Donnell

  • Still relatively quiet, but will start to pick up with the introduction of some new TFs
  • Drummond Reed noted that interest in VC revocation is growing rapidly and there is a growing intersection between trust registries and revocation registries operated by revocation service providers (RSPs).

ACDC TF — Samuel Smith Phil Feairheller 

Technology Architecture TFWenjing Chu  Drummond Reed

  • The first five sections of the ToIP Technology Architecture Spec are now substantially complete
      1. Introduction
      2. Terminology
      3. Motivations
      4. Audience and Scope
      5. Example Use Cases
  • At the last meeting, the decision was made to move requirements "inline" to the rest of the sections, rather than breaking them out into separate sections. This will significantly simplify the spec.
  • The goal remains to try to finish a content-complete (but not issue-free) first draft this month in order to be on track to deliver the first Public Review Draft by the Hyperledger Global Forum in Dublin on Sept 12.
  • We have also agreed on two additional deliverables from the TF, both of which are document on the TF wiki page:
    1. ToIP Interoperability Test Cases: This is intended to evolve into the overall specification for the test cases that can be implemented by a commercial-grade test harness.
    2. ToIP Primer for Policymakers: a document written explicitly for policymakers, governing authorities, analysts, and other non-technical audiences who need to deeply understand the purpose, uses, and implications of the ToIP stack but do not need (or want) to dive into the technical details. Work on this document has not yet commenced, but a link will be added here as soon as it has. 

AI & Metaverse (AIM) Technology TFWenjing Chu Vikas Malhotra 

  • Vikas Malhotra reported that the first meeting had ~15 participants and spent most of the meeting doing introductions and discussing the scope of this new TF — which is inherently quite broad but also quite pressing based on the rapid progress of AI, machine learning, and metaverse.
  • Vikas reported that the second meeting has been scheduled for this Thursday at 12PM Eastern Time.
5 minsProposed New Task ForceDarrell O'Donnell 

web3 Concept Development Task Force

  • Darrell explained the charter he has drafted for the web3 Concept Development Task Force
  • The intent is to explore more concepts at depth AND drive membership / interest.
  • Darrell explained that this TF grew out of discussions of the needs of the Cardano and IOG community to work on decentralized identity interoperability.
  • It can be compared in some way to the ACDC TF that tackled work that was not being done elsewhere and which needed to be done in an IPR-safe venue. In this case the TF would be focused on the key digital identity and trust issues facing the web3 world. He gave several examples:
    • DID-based login
    • Verifiable NFTs
    • DIDs and DID fragment usage
    • DIDs and trust registries — and revocation registries
    • Compliance suites — this area needs to be much broader, i.e., to reach a full industry test suite that is perceived as industry neutral
  • Darrell feels that ToIP is a natural home for exploring this area.
  • Judith Fleenor asked about the question of where the test suite work should be given that the Technology Architecture Task Force is also working on a test suite spec.
    • Darrell said that this TF would discuss the needs of the web3 community and then recommend new TFs as needed.
  • Judith also said that she had raised the question of coordination on interop with the DIF Interop Working Group and discussed that with the Kaliya Young as a co-chair of that group.
  • ACTION: Drummond Reed to send out a call for review notice today for the proposed web3 Concept Development Task Force and then a call for consensus in 7 days after any feedback has been incorporated.
5 mins
  • Review decisions/action items
  • Planning for next meeting 


  • None

Action Items

  • ACTION: Phil Feairheller to talk to the ACDC TF members about a blog post announcing the progress of the ACDC work and the successful GLEIF POC.
  • ACTION: Drummond Reed to send out a call for review notice today for the proposed web3 Concept Development Task Force and then a call for consensus in 7 days after any feedback has been incorporated.

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