13, October 2020  — 11:00 PT, 14:00 ET, 18:00 UTC, 20:00 CET

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Recording (North America / Europe)



  • Assign action items for next meeting
  • Establish work plan for WG deliverables and workflow guidance
  • Gather agenda suggestions for next meeting

Agenda Items

1 minWelcomeA. Kudra
2 mins

Antitrust Policy Notice

A. Kudra
5 mins

New Introductions

A. Kudra
  • None
2 mins

Review / Approve minutes from last meeting (29-Sep-2020)

A. Kudra
  • Approved by Consensus
10 minsAnnouncementsD. Gisolfi
20 minsUtility Project Status UpdatesUtility Representatives
5 minsUFWG APAC InterlockA. Kudra
10 minsDecision PointsD. Gisolfi
10 minsDiscussion TopicsD. Gisolfi
10 minsReview Action and Open ItemsA. Kudra
10 mins


A. Kudra

Announcement Details

Utility Projects

  • Bedrock
    1. Call for interested companies that may be interested in joining. Send email request to Dan Gisolfi stating company name and contact email address.
    2. All Legal Instruments FINAL and companies are able to now register as a member. Soft-Launch will be triggered by 36 signup and a LF press release.
  • IDunion (Network Name) - SSI for Germany (Project Name)
    1. Anna Pfeiffer from esatus has been assigned to issue a PR for the IDunion story, she will reconcile with Adrian Doerk from Main Incubator
  • Sovrin MainNet @ Stephen Curran

    • Network is stable
    • Financial situation has also stabilized
  • Indicio Lynn Bendixsen
    • TestNet is stable
    • Working of tools for managing 
    • 5 current stewards with more coming

UFWG APAC Interlock

  • None

Decision Points

  • None

Discussion Topics

  • Mathieu Glaude  to PRESENT draft a proposal (results) from sub-group (Mathieu Glaude (lead), Dan Gisolfi, Andre Kudra) on UFWG deliverables
    • What are the deliverables of the UFWG? 
    • Who are the audience for each deliverable?
    • What is our deliverable process?
      • Volunteers via US/EU meeting: , +1 from esatus tbd, Lynn Bendixsen (review)
  • Triage GitHub Issues

Action items

  • For next meeting  we will review a list of Best Practices: @Mathieu Glaude (lead), Dan Gisolfi, Claudia, Lynn
    • 5 items from Utility interviews
    • Create TF for a Recommendation (Best Practice) on "Decentralization"
      • What are the key attributes of a Decentralized Utility?
      • Should we consider / review the W3C DID Decentralization Rubric
        • Consider their dimensions for evaluation 
  • Call-for-Projects 
  • Education Topics for Presentations to be Scheduled
    • None
  • Set Agenda for next meeting

Open Items

Low priority items that failed gain volunteers to champion cause.

  • Andre Kudra will check with German UFWG community if they can entertain a German ToIP meeting
  • Horizontal Interop
  • UFWG Sandbox Utility
    •  The members of the UFWG need to gain experience before writing guidelines and best practices.
    • Challenge: Create a Sample Utility comprised of 3-5 nodes for testing purposes using the Blockchain Automation Framework (BAF)
    • Goal: Leverage this research exercise as a way to create BAF artifacts for Hyperledger Indy
    • Tools: Bootstrapping Node Hosting - Learn BAF
  • Education Topics