15, September 2020 — 11:00 PT, 14:00 ET, 18:00 UTC, 20:00 CET

Send an email to utility-foundry-wg@lists.trustoverip.org to request a calendar invite (you can subscribe to the mailing list at lists.trustoverip.org).

Recording (North America / Europe)

Recording (APAC)



  • Assign action items for next meeting
  • Establish work plan for WG deliverables and workflow guidance
  • Gather agenda suggestions for next meeting

Agenda Items

1 minWelcomeA. Kudra
2 mins

Antitrust Policy Notice

A. Kudra
5 mins

New Introductions

A. Kudra
2 mins

Review / Approve minutes from last meeting (01-Sep-2020)

A. Kudra
  • Motioner: Dan Gisolfi
  • Second: Drummond Reed
  • Approval: Confirmed
10 minsAnnouncementsD. Gisolfi
20 minsUtility Project Status UpdatesUtility Representatives
5 minsUFWG APAC InterlockA. Kudra
10 minsDecision PointsD. Gisolfi
10 minsDiscussion TopicsD. Gisolfi
10 minsReview Action and Open ItemsA. Kudra
10 mins


A. Kudra

Announcement Details

Utility Projects

  • Bedrock
    1. Call for interested companies that may be interested in joining. Send email request to Dan Gisolfi stating company name and contact email address.
    2. Pre-Launch activities progressing with target formation of LF Utility project set for Oct 2020.
  • IDunion (Network Name) - SSI for Germany (Project Name)
    1. Anna Pfeiffer from esatus has been assigned to issue a PR for the IDunion story, she will reconcile with Adrian Doerk from Main Incubator
  • Sovrin MainNet

  • KochiOrgBook - Sumod from Vinod's team is working on story (according to template) [APAC meeting]

UFWG APAC Interlock

  • KochiOrgBook - Sumod from Vinod's team is working on story (according to template)
  • Engage smaller working groups aligend with regions (e.g. India centric working group) - volunteers wanted!
  • Other regions should consider localized working groups as well
  • Paul Knowles Seminar update from September 10th, 2020: "Core public utility technologies for a Next Generation Internet"


Decision Points

  • A Bi-Monthly Leadership call for the Co-Chair / Vice-Chair participates is now scheduled to coordinate on agenda and WG activity.
  • Due to lack of consistent participation, we MUST assign to David Luchukthe task to confirm Co-Chair / Vice-Chair list by next meeting 
    • Co-Chair: Dan Gisolfi (IBM)

    • Co-Chair: André Kudra (esatus)

    • Co-Chair: Vinod Panicker (Wipro)

    • Vice-Chair: Cameron Boozarjomehri (MITRE)
      Chris Buchanan from MITRE will confirm with Cameron B.

    • Vice-Chair: Mathieu Glaude (Northern Block)

    • Vice-Chair: Sandeep Krishnappa (Infoeaze Digital Services)

Discussion Topics

  • What are the deliverables of the UFWG? 
    • ASSIGN sub-group with drafting our WG deliverables process for next week.
      •  Understanding TOIP Deliverables Version 5 (work-in-process)
        • Topics for draft considerations
          • Recap of our objectives - with specific focus on the assistance and guidance mode that the WG
          • How our GitHub repo will be used 
          • Utility Foundry decision tree
          • Workflow swim-lanes 
        • Who is the audience for each of our deliverables?
      • Volunteers via APAC meeting: Vinod Panicker
      • Volunteers via US/EU meeting: Mathieu Glaude (lead), Dan Gisolfi, Andre Kudra, +1 from esatus tbd, Lynn Bendixsen (review)
  • ASSIGN  sub-group to work on Utility Foundry Workflow
    • Draft a intro-deck (Google slides) to introduce our workflow
    • Do we have enough examples of sample projects use cases to get started with our Workflow Deep Dive?
    • We need to Swim-lane Deep Dives
      • Assign volunteers for each swim-lane
    • Volunteers via APAC meeting: x
    • Volunteers via US/EU meeting: x
  • Andre Kudra will check with German UFWG community if they can entertain a German ToIP meeting
  • Triage GitHub Issues

Action items

  • Mathieu Glaude to PRESENT draft a proposal for UFWG deliverables at next mtg.
  • Call-for-Projects 
  • Education Topics for Presentations to be Scheduled
  • Set Agenda for next meeting

Open Items

Low priority items that failed gain volunteers to champion cause.

  • Horizontal Interop
  • UFWG Sandbox Utility
    •  The members of the UFWG need to gain experience before writing guidelines and best practices.
    • Challenge: Create a Sample Utility comprised of 3-5 nodes for testing purposes using the Blockchain Automation Framework (BAF)
    • Goal: Leverage this research exercise as a way to create BAF artifacts for Hyperledger Indy
    • Tools: Bootstrapping Node Hosting - Learn BAF
  • Education Topics
    • Trustbloc - no immediate need, can be re-raised if interest comes up