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The GSWG currently holds bi-weekly Zoom webmeetings for the NA/EU time zones alternating between plenary meetings reviewing overall Working Group and Task Force progress on deliverables and special topic meetings. In addition it supports a monthly ToIP WG update meeting for APAC timezones. See the specific scheduling details of each meeting in the sections below.

You can get a calendar invite to any meeting via the ToIP Calendar page, and you can subscribe to the mailing list at

Meeting Planning Calendar

Meeting DateTypeRegionChair/OrganizerNotetakerMain Topics


  • 2021 Priorities—especially Q1
  • "Big Five" deliverable planning


  • 2021 Priorities—especially Q1
  • "Big Five" deliverable planning
  • Discussion on Design Principles and one of the principles of "Open and Automated systems"


Survey and Panel Discussion of Global Health Initiative Governance


PlenaryNA/EUDrummond Reed




SpecialNA/EUScott Perry
GSWG white paper discussion with EFWG White Paper TF


PlenaryNA/EUDrummond Reed
Approving first WG deliverable (the Principles of SSI)



Thomas Cox and Savita Farooqi will showcasing work on blockchain governance and interoperability in the IEEE P2145 Working Group





PlenaryNA/EU@Scott Perry

GSWG Meeting Structure

NA/EU Plenary - Every fourth Thursday — 14:00-15:00 EDT / 18:00 - 19:00 UTC

  1. Welcome 
    1. Standard Messages
    2. New Members
  2. ToIP Initiatives / Relevance to GSWG 
    1. Yearly/Quarterly Priorities
    2. ToIP Level Committees and Task Forces
    3. News - Successes and Challenges
  3. Ecosystem Foundry Working Group Activities / Relevance to GSWG
    1. Activities
    2. Requirements for GSWG
  4. Technology Stack Working Group Activities / Relevance to GSWG
    1. Activities
    2. Requirements for GSWG
  5. GSWG Task Force Reports
    1. Deliverable Status
    2. Assistance Needed
  6. Upcoming work (feedback/input requested)
    1. The UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework - You can help us with this by reading this document and sending your feedback. Please provide your comments via the survey by 12pm on Thursday 11 March 2021.
    2. Scott Perry - updates about Process and Roles Task Force
  7. Announcement of Upcoming Meetings
    1. APAC Plenary
    2. Special Topic
      1. Jim St.Clair - to propose a possible session to share knowledge around IEEE P2145's Governance work
    3. Next NA/EU Plenary

APAC Plenary Every fourth Wednesday — 09:30-10:30 IST / 21:00-22:00 PDT / 04:00-05:00 UTC

Content Similar to NA/EU tailored to the APAC time zones

NA/EU Special Topic - Every second Thursday — 14:00-15:00 EDT / 18:00 - 19:00 UTC

Agenda focused on in-depth discussion of a topic or issue affecting the GSWG community

  • Emerging Trends Affecting GSWG
  • Highlight of Emerging Player - Impact on GSWG Deliverables
  • Future GSWG Topic or Deliverable
  • GSWG Process or Tool

APAC Special Topic - To be scheduled as needed

Agenda focused on emerging topic or in-depth issue affecting the GSWG APAC community

  • Emerging Trends Affecting GSWG APAC
  • Highlight of APAC Emerging Player - Impact on GSWG Deliverables
  • Recruiting / Aligning APAC into GSWG efforts

Index of Meeting Notes and Recordings

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