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A. Kudra
1 minWelcomeA. Kudra
2 mins

Antitrust Policy Notice

A. Kudra
5 mins

New Introductions

A. Kudra
  • None
2 mins

Review / Approve minutes from last meeting(s) (2nd, Feb, 2021)

A. Kudra
  • Approved via consensus

10 minsAnnouncementsA. Kudra20 minsUtility Project Status UpdatesUtility Representatives5 minsTask Force SOSM. Glaude10 minsDecision PointsA. Kudra10 minsDiscussion TopicsA. Kudra10 minsReview Action and Open Items45 mins

Show-and-tell from all task forces

Task force leads
  • None
10 mins


A. Kudra

Announcement Details

Utility Projects

  •  Bedrock
    • No update today
  •  IDunion
    • Approaching project phase, no news, everything smooth
  •  Sovrin
    • No updates, preparing new features to be launched
  •  Indicio
    • Testnet continues to operate well / Mainnet is pending based on upcoming announcement & governance docs required for launch have been approved by the Trustees.
  •  Canacred
    •  Working on governance framework, looking to launch mid-March
    •  Trying to get Test network up in Q2-Q3 2021


Show-and-tell: Task Force SOS (Scrum of Scrums)

TF NameMissionMembersStatus

Utility Project Implementation Guide Task Force

Create the getting started guide for prospective Utility Projects.

IG0029: Utility Project Guide

A new repo has been created and the TF has been issued its first objective.

TF is discussing outline and questions to be answered for prospective projects. 

Draft Doc:

Best Practices Task ForceAnalyze Project Interviews, establish list of Best Practices and submit each BP using ToIP Deliverables Process.
  •  Drafting framework for evaluating public identity utilities (BP0014) (v2)
  •   Drafting v1 of three BP documents (based on feedback from interviews with decentralized PIU conveners/providers)*
    •  BP0015 - Assessing Sustainability of a PIU (v1)
    •  BP0016 - Determining Affordability of a PIU (v1)
    •  BP0017 - Assessing Alignment to a PIU
  •  Backlog
    •  Dashboard Health / Network Monitoring (Example)

*At future point, consider consolidating all best practices into one comprehensive document

SUGGESTION: Interlocking with Saturn-V TF as a first user of these Best Practices.

Decentralization Task Force

Submit a BP deliverable and a design principle for what it means to be Decentralized.

Jessica Townsend  (lead) 

Dan Gisolfi 

Mathieu Glaude

Glossary Task ForceGenerate a UFWG Glossary in collaboration with the CTWG.RJ Reiser (lead) Still pending CTWG process.

Decision Points

  •  We will use the next UFWG bi-weekly meeting as a show and tell by all task forces

Discussion Topics

  •  Presenting in GSWG monthly meeting (Scott Perry's Slack note) → Mathieu Glaude will take "ambassador role" for GSWG

Action items

  •  UFWG deliverables moved from task force to regular action item. Drafted presentation available here.
  •   Call-for-Projects
    •  All Layer 1 Project Stories need to be documented in GitHub
    •  Any new projects? → See Discussion Topics
  •  Education Topics for Presentations to be Scheduled
    •  None
  •  Set Agenda for next meeting

Open Items

Low priority items that failed gain volunteers to champion cause.