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  1. Welcome and Linux Foundation antitrust policy
    1. The objective of this WG meeting is to enable the participants to meet and discuss key deliverables from our group
  2. Introduction of new members - 5 minutes (Please use the format: Name / Affiliation / Location / any other detail you would like to share)
    1. Darrell O’Donnell, Continuum Loop Inc. - Ottawa, CANADA
    2. Khalid Maliki, Tykn B.V. NL
  3. GSWG Leadership Updates
    1. Drummond Reed back from sabbatical  - Starting up Governance Architecture TF in September (see item 6.b)
  4. Activities since our last NA/EU call
    1. Recap of GSWG APAC Call  - Kalyan Kulkarni
      1. Notes from the meeting and next set of tasks can be found here.
      2. News from India presentation
    2. Status of Ideas to Deliverables, A Trust Over IP Workflow Proposal - Steven Milstein & Sankarshan
    3. Status of Process & Roles / Trust Assurance efforts - Scott Perry
      1. Trust Assurance Primer ready for comment - link here
        1. Scott has been working on more concrete ideas on deliverables; likely through a task force.
    4. Status of Governance Library Repository - Steve Magennis
      1. David will be enabling a formal repository (from a set of avenues); more updates are TBD
    5. Related Industry Activities - Open Call for member updates
  5. Presentation Topics - Key Deliverables from our Group
    1. ToIP Ecosystem Foundry Working Group
      1. Walk through the Foundry Concepts and Workflow
      2. Discussion of needs of the GSWG for the Foundry
    2. Drummond Reed - Governance Architecture Task Force
      1. Reason and Mission of Task Force
      2. Potential Deliverables from TF
      3. Solicitation of Members
  6. Planned and Open Discussion / Q&A
    1. Critical Success Factors in the adoption of ToIP deliverables (the items listed below are intended to be a starter set) - Scott has asked that for this meeting we work through the critical success factors which determine the deliverables. Also see this link.
      1. CSF 1: Agree on what is an ecosystem?
      2. CSF2: Define the criteria to prove possession of a private key used to sign VCs

      3. CSF 3: The set of due diligence required to sign a VC with a stated level of assurance
Agree on the Stack diagram

      4. CSF 4:Define the role of a governance authority over an ecosystem
    2. Outreach and engagement from ToIP members
  7. Topics for future meetings
    1. Corda Foundation Network (Carolyne Quinn, Executive Director)
    2. ISO Blockchain Technical Committee (Emily Dawson)
    3. Credential Master (Timothy Ruff, Interim CEO)
    4. <Contribute/Propose name>