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  1. Welcome and Linux Foundation antitrust policy
    1. The objective of this WG meeting is to enable the participants to meet and interact with our new Program Manager Dave Luchuk
  2. Introduction of new members - 5 minutes (Please use the format: Name / Affiliation / Location / any other detail you would like to share)
    1. No new members at this instance of the meeting
  3. GSWG Leadership Updates
    1. Drummond Reed on sabbatical for August - Starting up Governance Architecture TF in September
  4. Activities since our last NA/EU call
    1. Recap of GSWG APAC Call  - Kalyan Kulkarni 
      1. Notes from the meeting and next set of tasks can be found here.
    2. Status of Ideas to Deliverables, A Trust Over IP Workflow Proposal - Steven Milstein & Sankarshan
      1. Quick introduction by Steven (for David Luchuk - more follow-up to be done to see where we can go with this)
    3. Status of GSWG Process & Roles TF - Scott Perry
      1. Scott has created and updated a list of roles and processes on the wiki; call-for-review with invitation to edit/add/modify existing list. How does the existing static governance (layer) diagram evolve. Scott is planning to advance the Trust Assurance specifics.
      2. Open discussion discussion of escrow services (original introduced as a topic by Daniel Hardman)
    4. Status of Governance Library Repository - Steve Magennis
      1. No new updates to the library - presently being maintained in a personal Google Drive and hopefully can be more formal and structured (say GitHub etc)
    5. Plan for Creation of Trust Assurance Task Force - Scott Perry
      1. ToIP Trust Assurance Development Kit V.10 document available for comment here
        1. This is a follow-up from the introductory session on this topic from Scott.
        2. A more formal TF around Trust Assurance would be set up subsequent to better inventory of actors, roles and processes are developed.
        3. Chris Ingrao as part of Trust Assurance, are you considering Layer 4 <-> Layer 4 governance? 
          1. Scott - yes. Also wait for the Governance Architecture TF being set up
      2. Open topic of discussion: What will it mean for an implementation of a governance model or even full ecosystem to be ToIP 'compliant?
        1. Steve Magennis - are we simply providing guiding/insight or are we looking to do something that some level of compliance can be ascertained. This end outcome concept is what is important to keep in mind. There are multi-dimensional questions more around brownfield deployments come up.
    6. Related Industry Activities - Open Call for member updates
  5. Presentation Topic -Getting to know ToIP new Program Director Dave Luchuk
  6. Open Discussion / Q&A
  7. Topics for future meetings
    1. Corda Foundation Network (Carolyne Quinn, Executive Director)
    2. ISO Blockchain Technical Committee (Emily Dawson)
    3. Credential Master (Timothy Ruff, Interim CEO)
    4. <Contribute/Propose name>