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Agenda Items

2 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy NoticeChair
3 minIntroduction of new membersChair
20  minWhite Paper Task Force UpdateKaren Hand
40 min

EFWG annual review and looking forward

  • What is our why?
  • Task Forces and deliverables
  • Community engagement
  • Community survey

Community Discussion

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Agenda & Notes

  • New member introductions
    • Elisa Trevino (Linux Foundation) would be supporting ToIP in her role at LF
    • Judith Fleenor (ToIP) - first time at EFWG
  • White Paper Task Force Update
    • The WP TF was cancelled for this week partly due to time constraints and that the TF aligns with the greater community
    • Karen walked the team through a mind map (please see recording) - how do we identify ways to overcoming some of the hesitancy in EFWG with regards to contribution to White Papers.
    • Author Guideline is an item that is nearly done - much discussions resulting in something that is ready
    • Submission workflow and processes - the responsibility and steps would need to be worked through
    • May - June has been focused on working with the content authored by Scott Perry - some conclusions could be drawn around the need "why" this work is being done in context of ToIP. It might result in the need for a foundation white paper - expressing the ideas and principles of why we are here in ToIP (the "north star"/compass); identify the value proposition - in terms of business and potential. A clear vision of the unique value of what ToIP is delivering
      • The introduction document is more fact based (laundry list) and not the contextualising of why we are doing what we do. Drummond Reed suggested Introduction to ToIP which has the white paper listed as the first one of the "Big Four". This topic of core messaging is something that has been discussed at a recent meeting of the Steering Committee (16 Jun 2021, see notes)
      • Karl Kneis wondered whether there is a need for a meta paper or content - needs to be explored further. How do we make sure that we are not talking to ourselves?
  • EFWG Annual Review
    • This year has been some of great work coming out of EFWG - including a whole new business strategy which Carly Huitema is driving through her TF
    • All this has a challenge - roughly half the TFs in EFWG are inactive for 90 days or more. Some are also not specifically working on open source content
      • should these TFs be archived pending renewed involvement and engagement? Drummond Reed agrees with the need to have a policy on this
      • Scott Perry - we have seen this in GSWG as well. TFs have their origin in a driving force deliverable. It does depend on who will be able to take the ball and run with it. TFs need a leader driving it.
      • Drummond Reed suggests "A suggested approach is to create an “Inactive” wiki page under each Working Group page, and just move the inactive Task Forces under that. It’s easy to move a wiki page - and it can be moved back if it reactivates."
    • What is our "Why?" - why are we here. The number of members and engagement rate has not been healthy. We should figure out how to address this.
      • Kaliya Young suggests strategic thinking involving experts like Lucy Yang A 'listening tour' which perhaps Judith Fleenor can help coordinate would be excellent.
      • Drummond Reed hard/concrete deliverables are being prepared to be made available in the coming months
      • Nicky Hickman this is a familiar problem - making the topic relevant to someone who is not conversant with technology and compliance. Pick 3 intractable problems which matter to people (there are 5 in enterprise IAM as an example) to solve and address them. And make sure it does not mention blockchains or verifiable credentials
      • Scott Perry has an opposing view. He observes a shift in the market - ToIP is listening to the market. It is coming towards what ToIP is working on.
      • Paul Knowles there is a great deal of work being generated on the back of ToIP. There needs to be a lot more people to be getting involved in this space.

Action Items