Meeting Date

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Main Goal of this Meeting

Extending the Attraction/Museum Pass Model

  • Bob has a block of 4 tickets/passes
  • Review proposal on 
    • How Bob distributes the tickets/passes
    • Possible use cases of valid/invalid pass transfer
    • Use cases for redemption of tickets/passes at an event venue

See Museum Pass Tsk Force Minutes Nov 7 2023.docx

Agenda Items and Notes

TimeAgenda ItemLeadNotes
5 min
  • Start recording
  • Welcome & antitrust notice
  • Introduction of new members
  • Agenda review
  • Antitrust Policy Notice: Attendees are reminded to adhere to the meeting agenda and not participate in activities prohibited under antitrust and competition laws. Only members of ToIP who have signed the necessary agreements are permitted to participate in this activity beyond an observer role.
  • New Members:


  • Continue analysis of the use cases at the next meeting
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