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Kabir Maiga (Chair)
Carly Huitema
Neil Thomson
Gene Quinn
Alex Bainbridge
Tony Sandler

Main Goal of this Meeting

Continue working on specification

Meeting Summary

We had a very productive meeting discussing the roles of various stakeholders (actors) in our Attraction Pass Project. Below, you will find a comprehensive summary of our discussions:

Meeting Summary

  1. Visitor Journey Mapping: We created a journey map outlining the interactions of a visitor (Bob) when planning to visit an attraction. This exercise helped us understand the touchpoints and interactions between the actors involved.

  2. Actors and Roles: We identified five primary actors:

    • Bob (Visitor): The end user of the Attraction Pass.
    • Alice (Staff at Attraction): Staff member responsible for establishing a peer-to-peer DID connection and verifying the pass at the venue.
    • Charlie (Staff at Attraction): Another staff member at the venue who might verify the pass.
    • David (Authorized Reseller/Distributor): An external actor who can sell the Attraction Pass.
    • Frank (Service Provider at the Attraction): An individual or entity that sells additional products or services to Bob at the attraction.
  3. Main Interactions: We identified four main interactions that occur in our system:

    • Establish a peer-to-peer connection: Bob uses his digital agent to request a DID connection with the attraction, and Alice or another staff member accepts the request on behalf of the attraction.
    • Purchase pass: Bob can select and pay for the pass(es) along with any upsold services via a configurable workflow.
    • Pass Presentation: Bob uses his digital agent to present his pass to Alice to gain access to the attraction. Alice uses the attraction's digital agent to verify the pass's validity.
    • Onsite Services: Bob can present his pass to Frank to access an ancillary service at the venue. Frank uses the service provider's digital agent to process the transaction.
  4. Alternate Purchasing Pathway: Bob can also purchase the pass from an authorized reseller or distributor, such as David, in the same manner as purchasing directly from the attraction.

Next Steps We will be focusing on further refining these interactions and roles and developing requirements for each to inform our application specification. Your thoughts and suggestions are crucial to the success of this process.


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