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    • 09:00-10:00 PT / 16:00-17:00 UTC 

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Main Goal of this Meeting

This is the AIM TF's #6 meeting.

Our main goal is to have individual member presentations on what problems/challenges they see in AI & Metaverse related to trust.

Agenda Items and Notes (including all relevant links)

TimeAgenda ItemLeadNotes
5 min
  • Start recording
  • Welcome & antitrust notice
  • Introduction of new members
  • Agenda review
  • Antitrust Policy Notice: Attendees are reminded to adhere to the meeting agenda and not participate in activities prohibited under antitrust and competition laws.
  • ToIP Policy: Only members of ToIP who have signed the necessary agreements are permitted to participate in this activity beyond an observer role.
  • ToIP TSWG IPR Policy: see TF wiki page. AI & Metaverse Technology Task Force
5 min
  • Introduction of new members

Updates of general interest to ATTF members.

5 min
  • Recap of last week's meeting
  • Status update on action items
  • Any general announcement, news, that could be of interest to the TF

Judith Fleenor - Update Biometric discussion in the steering committee meeting last week.

30+ mins

Presentation by Daniel Bachenheimer on Biometrics

Daniel Bachenheimer 

This is the main presentation. If short on time, we will push the next two topics off to the next call.

5 minsWhen and how to start the phase 1 white papersankarshan 

Vikas Malhotra - We will take this to next meeting

5 minsHow AI & Metaverse intersect with ToIP stack? New design principles for ToIP stack?Wenjing Chu 

Wenjing Chu will brief some ideas on how to approach this topic following up from previous discussions in the last couple of meetings. More detailed presentation will come later.

5 mins
  • Call for presentations for Sep 1st
  • Review decisions/action items
  • Planning for next meeting 
  • AOB

Wenjing Chu and UC Berkley researchers will present in the next meeting on Sep 15th.

Screenshots/Diagrams (numbered for reference in notes above)



Action Items

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