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5 min
  • Start recording
  • Welcome & antitrust notice
  • Introduction of new members
  • Agenda review
  • Antitrust Policy Notice: Attendees are reminded to adhere to the meeting agenda and not participate in activities prohibited under antitrust and competition laws. Only members of ToIP who have signed the necessary agreements are permitted to participate in this activity beyond an observer role.
  • New Members:
5 minGeneral announcementsAllUpdates from TSWG members of general interest to the group.
5 minsReview of Action Items from the previous meetingChairs

Github - repo

15 minsTask Force ReportsTF Leads
25 minsSpecial topic #1

EIDAS blog post → 

  • lots of discussion (bad notetaker) - short summary:
    • Action is to create 2 work items:
      • blog post - quick response - great start, but have you considered...
        • e.g. with high certification bar have you just created/reinforced a monopoly/duopoly (Apple + Google).
        • if the credential can be trusted, can I put it in any wallet?
          • ICAO DTC - is used at point-of-inspection so THEY are doing "binding" to the person that is there.
          • Bart: "ICAO is about inspection-centric, digital ID for EU is issuance centric. I would argue there's also a single use-case vs general purpose use difference."
        • Are we solving somebody else's problem?
        • What is the CTA - let's get together. 
      • Position Paper - 4-pager (rough size) - but is this "yet another position paper"
  • Is this a TSWG-level issue - can we get things started - Bart Suichies and Antti Kettunenwill work to create a rough draft this week and we can reach out more broadly...
    • Darrell to assist by reviewing and circulating internally (GSWG, EFWG, HXWG, Communications Committee) and potentially externally (MyData Global, DIF, Canada's CIO Strategy Council, etc.)
5 minsAny other business

Vikas - pushing forward on IEEE cybersecurity group - IEEE is supportive and 2-year activity is likely to kick off. Alignment with ToIP:

  • decentralization of identifiers
  • we will want to keep an eye on this - Vikas will share more informal 

5 mins
  • Review decisions/action items
  • Planning for next meeting 
Chairskey item 

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