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Meeting Date



Main Goal of this Meeting:

To present and discuss the white paper generation process and solicit ideas for governance white papers.


5 minWelcome
Antitrust Policy Notice
Introduction of Meeting Agenda
Scott Perry
10 min

Update 'Trust Assurance in SSI Ecosystems' white paper 

Scott Perry
30 min


  • WP structure – approved draft
  • WP deliverable process
Karen Hand and Karl Kneis

Brainstorm - Potential WP topics to advance ToIP leadership and objectives

Scott Perry



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  1. Welcome
    1. Linux Foundation antitrust policy
    2. Agenda review
  2. Background - Scott Perry
    1. The focus of this meeting is white papers produced under the Governance Stack WG, and specifically understanding the overall process for ToIP white papers
  3. Update 'Trust Assurance in SSI Ecosystems white paper'
    1. The proposal is to use this existing paper as a trial balloon to run through the complete process.
    2. Scott gave some background as to the origin of this paper in the GSWG. The starting point is a chapter that Scott has contributed to the book Self-Sovereign Identity being published soon (late March?) by Manning.
  4. EFWG & WPTF - Karen Hand
    1. Karen explained the overall process that the White Paper Task Force is recommending
    2. Karen showed (see slides #1 and #2 below) the metadata that the WPTF recommends for all white papers
    3. We had a discussion about intellectual property rights. David Luchukreinforced that 100% of all ToIP Foundation white papers will be published under a Creative Commons CC-by-SA 4.0 license, and no white paper should be published unless the contributors have assured that all the content is available under that license.
    4. Karen and Karl and the group then had a long discussion of the process (slide #3 below)
      1. Scott was concerned about how heavyweight the process appears to be - will every white paper author require a "sherpa" to help them through the journey
      2. Karen and Karl agreed to continue to work on streamlining the process
  5. Brainstorm - Potential WP topics
    1. We didn't have much time left for this topic, but Scott Perryintroduced the topic of the GSWG starting to focus on what additional white paper topics we should be considering
    2. He shared the thesis that any complex deliverable from a WG should have an accompanying white paper to explain it to new audiences
    3. The same applies to fundamental new concepts that the ToIP Foundation is developing (for example, the very idea and structure of the ToIP stack)
    4. Jim St.Clairreinforced that "white papers are one of our products" and gave the example of the need for one about ToIP and governments (specifically relative to ID cards)
    5. Drummond Reedmentioned one white paper, the Introduction to ToIP V2 white paper, that is currently a major priority as it's one of the first "Big Four" deliverables. He took the action item to ensure that there was a Task Force page set up for that deliverable.


#1 from Karen Hand

#2 from Karen Hand

#3 from Karen Hand

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