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Meeting Date



Main Goal of this Meeting:

Review of priorities and Q1 roadmap for all deliverables.


5 minWelcome
Antitrust Policy Notice
Introduction of New Members
5 mins

ToIP Initiatives / Priorities / News / Relevance to GSWG

5 min

Ecosystem Foundry Working Group Activities / Relevance to GSWG

Steve Magennis
5 mins

Technology Stack Working Group Activities / Relevance to GSWG

Drummond Reed
30 mins

GSWG Task Force Reports

  1. Deliverable Status
  2. Assistance Needed
TF Leads
15 mins

Discussion on Design Principles and "Open and Automated systems" Principle

5 mins

Announcement of Upcoming Meetings

5 minsReview of Decisions and Action Items / ClosingChairs



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  1. Welcome
    1. Linux Foundation antitrust policy
    2. Introduction of new members
    3. Agenda review
  2. ToIP Initiatives / Relevance to GSWG 
    1. Yearly/Quarterly Priorities
      1. Focus on baseline deliverables
      2. Support emergence of trust ecosystems
      3. Develop and deliver Communications Strategy and Editorial Calendar
      4. Implement Resource/Revenue model
    2. Top priority for Q1: the "Big 5 Deliverables" 
      1. Design Principles for the ToIP Governance Stack V1  (GSWG)
      2. Design Principles for the ToIP Technology Stack V1  (TSWG)
      3. ToIP Governance Stack Architecture TSS V1  (GSWG)
      4. ToIP Technology Stack Architecture TSS V1  (TSWG)
      5. ToIP Foundation White Paper V2  (Joint)
    3. ToIP Level Committees and Task Forces
      1. Communications Committee
    4. News - Successes and Challenges
      1. Extraordinary push for digital vaccination credentials - WHO Smart Vaccination Certificate expert group, IATA Travel PassComing next week: Good Health Pass, Lumedic Exchange Governance Framework
  3. Ecosystem Foundry Working Group Activities / Relevance to GSWG
    1. Activities - GLEIF Ecosystem, YOMA Ecosystem, Good Health Pass Ecosystem
    2. Requirements for GSWG
  4. Technology Stack Working Group Activities / Relevance to GSWG
    1. Activities - "Big 5 Deliverables" (see above)
    2. Requirements for GSWG
  5. GSWG Task Force Reports
    1. Principles of SSI (PoSSI)
      1. Deliverable Status
        1. PR merged (see here)
        2. Drafting of the playbook content accompanying the PoSSI text will be starting as well
      2. Assistance Needed
        1. More contributors to (2) above are certainly welcome! Check our Task Force page and add your name to the list
    2. Governance Architecture TSS
      1. Deliverable Status
        1. Wiki pages ready
        2. Kalyan Kulkarni reported that the GitHub repo is set up -
      2. Assistance Needed
        1. Need to complete repo setup - Completed
    3. Process and Roles
      1. Deliverable Status
        1. Meetings are ongoing - discussions with Tim Bouma and Joni Brennan on the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework and DIACC
        2. Preparing to move forward on some of the deliverables following the Big 5
      2. Assistance Needed
        1. None now
    4. New Task Force needed on Governance Stack Design Principles?
      1. Victor Golubkov to discuss about "Open & Automated Systems" Design Principle
      2. ACTION: Drummond Reed and Victor Golubkov to determine the best way to proceed with this deliverable, i.e., separate TF or part of Governance Architecture TF.
  6. Announcement of Upcoming Meetings
    1. APAC Plenary
      1. Discussions (on Slack channel?) about possible topics? DIF has recently adopted  country/region specific focus section and there has been excellent response. Perhaps cross-pollinate and check how GF work can bolster DIF efforts?
    2. Special Topic Meeting suggestions
      1. APAC specific suggestions
      2. Members are urged to use Slack channel for effective communication on suggestions, topics, etc.
    3. Next APAC Plenary
      1. Wednesday Mar 3rd
  7. Review of Decisions and Action Items / Closing



Action Items

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