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Meeting Schedule

  • November 04, 2020

November 04, 2020



1 minWelcome, Antitrust Policy Notice and Membership Guidance

2 minsSelf-introduction of new members (if any)meeting host

Updates from activities of the TFs

  • Governance Architecture TF
  • Process and Rules TF
  • Notes
openDiscussion around the laws of identity and LoA documentVictor Golubkov
  • Notes
openOutreach about GSWG into APAC based organizations (social media etc)
carry over into next meeting
2 minsWrap-up / Action Itemsfacilitated by meeting host


  • No slide deck was used for this meeting




1) Welcome and Linux Foundation antitrust policy

2) Introduction of new members (none at this meeting)

3) Update from the 2 Task Forces

4) Free form discussion around Victor's work and possible next steps

  • Drummond suggested that Victor's analysis would be most relevant to a ToIP Governance Stack Design Principles deliverable, which he is preparing to propose as a new deliverable for the GSWG.


  • Not decisions made at this meeting.

Action items

  • Vinod and Scott Perry will review the document around minimum viable credentials in context of Kochi OrgBook work
  • Victor to consider the possible next steps discussed at the meetings and provide an update
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