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1 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy NoticeChairs
2 minsIntroduction of new membersChairs
1 minAgenda reviewChairs
9 minStatus of Process & Roles TF Scott PerryDiscussion of current suspension of meetings
2 minStatus of Governance Architecture TFDrummond ReedStatus report
3 minsRealistic timeline & collaboration plan for the 
GSWG + TSWG 5-deliverable package
Drummond Reed

This package, discussed in our last meeting, includes:

  1. Governance Stack Design Principles 1.0
  2. Technology Stack Design Principles 1.0
  3. Governance Architecture TSS 1.0
  4. Technical Architecture TSS 1.0
  5. Design and Architecture of the ToIP Stack white paper
10 min

Principles of SSI
(Pre-Draft Deliverable and proposed Task Force)

Complete draft is ready for discussion. Should we approve this
moving from Pre-Draft Deliverable to Draft Deliverable?
4  minDecentralized SSI Governance white paper
(for consideration as Pre-Draft Deliverable)
Draft white paper—Rieks and Drummond would like the GSWG to
consider as a deliverable (no decision requested yet)
15 minsGovernance Stack Design Principles
(Pre-Draft Deliverable)

First draft is ready for discussion. Should we approve this
moving from Pre-Draft Deliverable to Draft Deliverable?

10 minSetting Up a Special Meeting with Gordon Jones,
Founder of ValidIDe
Scott PerryIntroduction to the ValidIDe project
2 minsReview of Decisions and Action Items Chairs
1 minNext meetingChairs



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  1. New members
  2. Governance Stack Design Principles Pre-Draft Deliverable.
  3. Status of Process & Roles TF - 
    1. Scott Perry - This Task Force is not getting traction and moving in the direction as expected. There needs collaboration and contributions from the interested members. David is looking for other contributors to take it forward.
  4. Status of Governance Architecture TF
    1. Drummond Reed - After the holidays, we will have a joint meeting on Governance & Technology Stack Design Principles somewhere in Jan - It can be a super task force.
  5. Realistic timeline and collaboration plan for the GSWG + TSWG 5-deliverable package
    1. Drummond Reed recommends that this be coordinated by a special weekly joint Task Force meeting between the GSWG and TSWG starting in January. He will coordinate with TSWG chairs.
  6. Principles of SSI (Pre-Draft Deliverable and proposed Task Force)
    1. Motion passed by ToIP Steering Committee 2020-12-09: "RESOLVED: that the Steering Committee recommends that the ToIP Governance Stack WG form a Task Force for delivering the Principles of SSI as a ToIP Design Principles deliverable for formal reference by ToIP-based governance frameworks and TIPs that choose to incorporate these principles"
    2. Task Force volunteers
      1. Drummond Reed
      2. sankarshan
      3. Steve McCown
      4. Karl Kneis
      5. Daniel Bachenheimer
      6. Andre Kudra
      7. Kalyan Kulkarni
    3. These principles do not belong to Sovrin, there has been grounds up work being done by Sovrin though.
    4. Volunteers who contributed to these principles are reaching out to organisations to see how these can be opted for in relevant governance requirements.
    5. Action here today is to form the task force.
    6. Next step would be for the TF to prepare the resolution to go to the meeting list to get it through the pre-draft, then to draft stage.
    7. Karl Kneis - Can’t there be multiple interpretations of SSI? and will ToIPF be setting clear interpretations for Govt, Pvt Entities, etc?
    8. Bryn Robinson-Morgan - Would you be doing things through TOIP that are not SSI? There could be scenarions where there are central authorities which may not fit in SSI. Drummond Reed answered - Govt authorities can choose what principles and policies suit them. We would add any information or guidance with relevance to this.
    9. Scott Whitmire commented - One principle should be that an SSI should be “verified” rather than “issued” by some set of governance authorities. An individual could create their own DID, one attribute of which could be the verification of the identity and its match to the entity claiming it.
  7. Decentralized SSI Governance white paper (for consideration as Pre-Draft Deliverable)
    1. Drummond Reed presented the White paper and work being done so far. 
    2. Rieks Joosten has asked to help on the white paper. If there is interest, volunteers can contribute to it.
    3. Due to the upcoming holidays and we not being having any meetings, there may be an email resolution that white paper may become a draft.
    4. Karl Kneis expressed that there is a potential correlation of this paper to the Governance Layer 4. If it does, then we can work on a that layer to bring out those correlations. Happy to help to move it forward.
  8. Governance Stack Design Principles (Pre-Draft Deliverable)
    1. Victor Golubkov mentioned - He has combined all the available principles together to form 10 design principles depicted in the document.
    2. Idea would be to have ability for people to click on the link and go directly to the description
    3. Referred to Universal Design Principles to design these for drawing out relevance and usage. Intention is to give description/meaning to each layer and which principles will be used at each of Governance Stack Layers. Make it more precise to each layer.
    4. This document needs thorough review, comments
    5. @Trevor Butterworth asked about any possibility for one to comment on the document - Victor Golubkov agreed to transfer it to a google doc and share the link with the group and to add it to these minutes.
    6. Drummond Reed - Design principles for the stack are much needed.
    7. Attendees were asked to raise objections if any to put this document from a pre-draft stage to draft stage. There were no objections and hence it was RESOLVED to move this Design Principles document to the draft stage.
  9. Setting Up a Special Meeting with Gordon Jones, Founder of ValidIDe
    1. The feedback on this agenda item was for Scott Perryto get back to Gordon Jones to propose a meeting to which GSWG members would be invited but that would not be under the ToIP umbrella.
    2. Karl Kneis suggested that this meeting could be a good way to encourage ValidIDe to join the ToIP Foundation.
  10. Kalyan Kulkarni brought up a point that one of the European entity wants to join TOIPF GSWG. He will introduce them to the group in next meeting.
  11. Review of Decisions and Action Items
  12. Next meeting


Action Items

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