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Process in progress:

  1. Propose Identity Governance and Risk Standards Extensions for SSI in the ISI WG - for (Dynamic Data Control Requirements)
    1. Decentralized legal semantics
    2. Privacy Controller Credential 
    3. Unified Notice Control Language
  2. ISI WG review of  White Paper (for specification) ask ISI WG to approved specification

Notice & Consent Task Force 

Project owner:

Mark Lizar Salvatore D'Agostino

Team members:

Ken Adler

Jan Lindquist



Spec Dev Link

Notice & Consent for people relies on clear communication. 

Decentralized identity relies on contextual legal semantics and notices by implementors in order to be compliant with sovereign data rights.  These semantics need to be standardized to be used by decentralized identifier based technologies for human interoperable data governance.  

The more unified across ecosystems the notice and risk semantics, the more human centric the service becomes as it lowers the burden on humans and increases the understanding of risks, benefits and (human) consent.

Specification proposal:  to extend Decentralized Semantic Governance for a dynamic data control ( DDC) architecture for active control transparency that people can use.  

  • Privacy Controller Credential 
  • Unified Notice Control Language for People
  • Conformity Assessment
    • People
    • Orgs
    • Regulators
    • Provides transparency over risk for DDC