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Human Consent & Trustworthiness of a Digital Context are dependent on the data capture policy found in the semantics of the Notice which frames the governance of data capture, and the context(s) of trust that govern semantically driven interaction.  This TF is focused on the semantics of notice, the use of these semantics to frame the digital life of a consent token and is aimed at standardising the token grant as the single and only source of access and control specified directly by the resulting consent. 

Mission and Scope

The mission is of this TF is to integrate Digital Ledger Consent solutions into the governance stack using OCA, the new ISO 29184 Notice content and structure controls to specify, collaborate and champion a Unified Personal Data Control Vocabulary (UP-DCV) for the lifecycle of consent.  Unifying the consent record information structure across both ISO streams so that it can be used with the current ISO Blockchain standards effort, beginning with a TIP.

Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright, Patent, Source Code)

This TF uses the same IPR licensing selections as the Inputs and Semantics WG:



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The objectives of the Notice & Consent TF are to:

  • Design and create a schema base that covers all notice and consent requirements according to international law as well as the overlays necessary to facilitate and drive a global standard.
  • Create templates and processes to develop and deploy overlays to extend the parent schema base for country-specific or regional capture variations according to local laws and regulations. The overlays created by the TF and others may include pointers to common ontologies, taxonomies and other resources which are hosted at the Linux Foundation or at other external standards developing organizations (SDOs) for the benefit of notice and consent practices.
  • Coordinate activity with the Governance Stack Working Group on matters of notice and consent.

Technical components

The Notice & Consent TF architecture will build upon the core components of the Inputs and Semantics WG.

Other candidate technologies include

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