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  • Dakota Gruener introduced ID2020 and emphasized the role of public-sector organizations along with private companies in advancing its work toward the global adoption of secure user-controlled digital identity.
  • The use case for vaccination and test credentials has been prompted by the COVID pandemic, but ID2020 has been working on secure immunization records as part of its identity mandate for several years.
  • Launching the Good Health Pass Collaborative has been part of ID2020's response to the risk of fragmentation in the market response to the need for vaccination and test credentials. Working with Trust over IP will help resolve pressing interoperability challenges into a coherent frame.
  • To ensure coherence and consistency across the nine drafting groups, program managers from ID2020 will help coordinate the activities and align the deliverables of the Working Group.
  • Brian Behlendorf offered that several Linux Foundation projects, including Linux Public health and CCI, may participate in the development of deliverables under the proposed Working Group. Further, groups that have not yet engaged with Trust over IP (such as DIF) may choose to become involved as well. Good Health Pass provides an opportunity to lay groundwork for progress on verifiable credentials and identity use cases well beyond vaccination.
  • John Jordansignalled that Trust over IP as a community is excited to be working together with ID2020 and alongside Linux Foundation, and is eager to get started.

3. Mechanics of GHPC members joining ToIP

  • David Luchukexplained the manner in which new members, joining Trust over IP from Good Health Pass Collaborative would complete the membership process and be on-boarded.
  • Drummond Reedoffered that the process has been designed to be as light as possible for incoming members. 

4. Meeting schedule and announcements

  • David Luchuk provided an overview of meetings expected to take place in the next two weeks, as well as messages and announcements that will be released, if the Steering Committee agrees to approve and adopt the charter for the Interoperability Working Group for Good Health Pass.

5. Open Discussion

  • Karl Kneisobserved that, during the Steering Committee session that took place earlier today, part of what was discussed was the need to ensure strong linkages and connectivity between the Interoperability Working Group for Good Health Pass and other Working Groups at Trust over IP.
  • The proposed Working Group sets a template for how other ecosystem projects may emerge and evolve at the Foundation.
  • Drummond Reedemphasized the importance of the importance of the community of practice for ecosystems that is emerging at Trust over IP through the leadership shown by the Ecosystem Foundry Working Group, which is the "front door" to the Foundation. Good Health Pass is intended to enhance this community of practice. 
  • sankarshansuggested the efficiency of the approvals process for deliverables at Trust over IP will be tested by the Good Health Pass work.
  • John Jordanthanked Brian Behlendorf and Linux Foundation for their leadership and support in advancing this initiative.
  • Steve McCownasked how the Good Health Pass Collaborative and proposed Working Group at Trust over IP relates to other initiatives such as the work of the European Commission.
  • Dakota Gruener proposed that the Collaborative intends to identify threads of activity, such as at the European Commission, that can be influenced by the expertise and critical mass operating through the Interoperability Working Group for Good Health Pass. The level of technical depth for Good Health Pass is expected to exceed, and be helpful to, other such initiatives.
  • Brain Behlendorf indicated that Linux Foundation intends to host summit-style events, similar to the paper-credentials summit run by CCI, that will be useful to people working in the drafting groups.

6. Resolution 

  • David Luchuk asked for any objections to passing the resolution by which the charter for the Interoperability Working Group for Good Health Pass is accepted for adoption.
  • This resolution was passed by consensus agreement of the committee.


  •  By consensus, the committee approved the resolution by which the charter for the Interoperability Working Group for Good Health Pass is accepted for adoption (TBC - pending outcome of APAC call). ...

Action items

  •  David Luchuk to work with ID2020 and Linux Foundation colleagues to immediately launch the membership and on-boarding process.