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  1. Welcome and Linux Foundation antitrust policy
    1. The objective of this WG meeting is to enable the participants to become familiar with the concepts of Trust Assurance
  2. Introduction of new members - 5 minutes (Please use the format: Name / Affiliation / Location / any other detail you would like to share)
    1. Karen Hand, Precision Strategic Solutions in Puslinch ON Canada
    2. Melanie Nuce GS1 (standing in for Gena Morgan)
    3. Sergio CEO at Tangem (card based DID VC wallet)
    4. Daniel Bachenheimer, Accenture Washington DC
  3. GSWG Leadership Updates
    1. Drummond Reed on sabbatical for August - Starting up Governance Architecture TF in September
    2. Kalyan Kulkarni is stepping into the Co-Chair role  - leading APAC calls
      1. around 12 member participation
      2. more of an ice breaker call - getting the team familiar with work done so far
      3. upcoming ideas and tasks came up for discussion
  4. Presentation Topic -  Trust Assurance 101 - Scott Perry (30 mins) Link to Presentation (here)
  5. Activities since our last NA/EU call
    1. Recap of First GSWG APAC Call  - Kalyan Kulkarni 
      1. Notes from the meeting and next set of tasks can be found here.
    2. Status of Ideas to Deliverables, A Trust Over IP Workflow Proposal - Steven Milstein & Sankarshan
      1. Will be presenting the concept at the upcoming APAC call
      2. To be discussed with David Luchuk to seek refinement towards further adoption in one pilot flow
      3. Scott - everyone comes in with different levels of participation; what we are trying to do is maximize everyone's agenda. There is a need for ground level understanding for the concepts.
    3. Recap of GSWG Process & Roles TF Kickoff - Scott Perry
      1. Notes from the kick-off meeting including next steps can be found here.
      2. Needed to advance the ToIP diagram further by identifying the roles and associated processes within the layers.. The process and roles inventory would help anchor that for other activities which are built around it
    4. Status of Governance Library Repository - Steve Magennis
      1. Examples of 10 framework included in the repository. Please get in touch with Steve Magennis if you have additional framework to include
      2. Steve working on an ongoing framework when you build a trust ecosystem from scratch - look forward to a paper
    5. Related Industry Activities - Open Call for member updates
  6. Open Discussion / Q&A
    1. Mark Lizar - part of Standards Council of Canada. Creation of keywords for data governance and leading to a comprehensive search for all the keywords. Currently working on creating categories of the standards and will be willing to share the output for that work.
    2. Dan B - reaching out to Emily Dawson ISO TC 307 - ToIP will have a liaison to this
  7. Topics for future meetings
    1. Corda Foundation Network (Carolyne Quinn, Executive Director)
    2. ISO Blockchain Technical Committee (Emily Dawson)
    3. Credential Master (Timothy Ruff, Interim CEO)
    4. <Contribute/Propose name>